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ACMA Release Five Year Spectrum Outlook

Date : 14 / 09 / 2018
Author : WIA & ACMA

The Australian Communications & Media Authority has released the final version (September 13, 2018) of the 2018-2022 Five Year Spectrum Outlook. The document indicates that no additional AR band allocations are supported at this time due to ACMA priorities. However, the "status quo" remains with no loss of AR bands.

Contention for access to spectrum space is not going to reduce in the future - and RF spectrum space is a very lucrative source of revenue for the Federal Government. Industry demand for access is not abating - especially in the SHF (ITU 3 - 30GHz) range where most Amateur Radio total bandwidth exists today.

The ACMA and other parties interested in spectrum usage are monitoring spectrum occupancy - remember the age old adage: "Use it or Lose it!".

For further information take a look at the ACMA website for further details.


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