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First Radio Contact between UK and Australia

Date : 21 / 09 / 2018
Author : Fred Swainston - VK3DAC

The WIA has been operating special event callsigns to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first UK Australia radio contact. The event has been running for the month of September 2018. The callsigns are VI#MARCONI (# being the State/Territory identifier). The callsigns have been available and operating in VK1, VK2, VK4, VK5, VK6, and VK8 with VI3 to commence operations shortly using VI3MARCONI.

This weekend is the100th year anniversary date and most to the State and Territory stations will be on air along with VK100MARCONI operating at the Ernest Fisk monument in NSW.

So far there have been about 2000 contacts made using these callsigns. If you have a chance to do so, make contact with one or more of these special event callsigns. The event ends on the 30th September 2018. There is a lot more information about the event on the WIA web site. Link

To express interest in using the special event callsign please send an email to vk3dac @ or simply click the following Link


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