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Message from the WIA Board of Directors

Date : 21 / 02 / 2019
Author : WIA Board

Dear Member,

The ACMA invited the WIA Board to a meeting Tuesday afternoon February 19. This meeting was to discuss ongoing transition arrangements around archived documents and Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

At this meeting the ACMA advised that the "deed" had now been signed with the Australian Marine College (AMC). The ACMA qualified this statement stating that the "deed" had not yet been enacted as the legislative requirements (i.e Delegations) for the deed had not yet been completed - no timeframe was provided for this process.

Consequently, the WIA board is now releasing the WIA's Approach to Market submission, previously Commercial-in-Confidence. Note: Financial details and third party commercial details have been redacted to facilitate release.

The WIA Board.

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