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ACMA Clarifies Callsign for Life Procedures

Date : 19 / 01 / 2021
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

The WIA would like to thank the ACMA for considering favourably the proposal from the WIA to remove the Foundation callsign series and implement the “callsign for life”.
The proposal was a direct result of surveying the Amateur radio cohort and an overwhelming number of existing amateurs endorsed the move, almost 60% of licensees polled were in favour of the changes.

We note with interest for the DXers, that the old format for our VK9s can be reintroduced, albeit on a voluntary basis.
For many years, the various external territories used VK9 with a suffix suggesting the location.
The series was abandoned after changes to the callsign structure as it was impossible to implement, the prefixes were: VK9C Cocos, VK9L Lord Howe, VK9N Norfolk, VK9W Willis, VK9X Christmas, VK9M Mellish.
The WIA recommends that future stations in these locations follow the old system to help those seeking a contact to identify your location.

The ACMA E Bulletin of January 2021 further outlines the processes the ACMA will follow in future.

From ACMA Amateur Radio update – January 2021 State/territory identifiers for call signs.
As part of the July 2020 changes, we clarified operational policy so that amateurs can, if they wish, keep their call sign if they gain additional qualifications and/or move interstate.
Our policy is that, when an amateur obtains a call sign for the first time, it will indicate their state/territory of residence, as per the call sign template.
However, this practice, and state/territory identifiers in general, are not regulatory requirements.
Our policy represents a long-standing practice, which is consistent with our ITU obligations, and allows amateurs wanting to participate in things like amateur radio hobby competitions (that require state/territory identifiers) to do so.
If amateurs want to enter competitions that require competitors to have call signs indicating their geographical location, they can obtain a new call sign (if required) that has their new state or territory of residence to comply with competition rules.
It is not appropriate for the ACMA to require amateurs who don’t wish to participate in these hobby activities to obtain a new call sign if they do not wish to.
This is why we do not require amateur licensees moving interstate to obtain a new call sign.
We recognise that state and territory identifiers are part of the amateur hobby, but they do not serve a regulatory function.
It is not appropriate for the ACMA to use regulation to facilitate hobby outcomes that can be achieved by amateurs voluntarily.

What to do if you move interstate or change address.
If you operate an amateur station from an address not specified on your licence, you cannot operate for a continuous period longer than 4 months (or 7 days for beacons and repeaters).
If you change your state/territory of residence, or wish to operate continuously for 4 months in another location, you should contact the ACMA to change the address on your licence.

For the full ACMA article on the recent Amateur Radio Update click this Link

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