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DX Leaderboard now available for Standard licensees

Date : 11 / 02 / 2021
Author : Graham Alson - VK3GA WIA Awards Manager

The WIA DX Awards program is pleased to announce a new annual Leaderboard competition for Standard class license holders starting 2021. Previously, Standard and Advanced licensees were combined in a single Leaderboard. Now, Standard’s have their own section. Overall winners in both Foundation and Standard sections each year, based on highest Score, will receive a complimentary crystal plaque courtesy of our Sponsor, Future Systems.

The annual Leaderboard competition is designed as a friendly competition to determine how well you are performing compared to your peers. It is intended to encourage participation in DX’ing and hopefully inspire operators to improve their knowledge of propagation, try new techniques, build better stations, and improve their operating skills… other words - to become a better DX’er.

The WIA DX Awards program is free to all members of the WIA and provides dozens of awards for newcomers through to advanced DX’ers and IOTA hunters. It can be found via this Link

73 from Graham Alston, VK3GA, WIA Awards Manager

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