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WIA Ballot regulations

Date : 25 / 03 / 2021
Author : John Marshall - WIA Returning Officer

Dear WIA Member,

The WIA Director Election Ballot Papers, Candidates Biographies and return envelope are included in this month’s AR magazine now on its way to your mail box. Those members that do not receive AR magazine by post will have the Ballot information mailed to them directly.

The concern of the short duration closing date has been alleviated and extended to April 30th as explained below in the announcement below from John Marshall, the WIA election returning officer.

"The WIA board has discussed potential delivery and return mail delays due to several issues, the main concern being Covid-19 associated delays affecting the Australia post mail service. Most affected are WIA members in regional Australia and especially those residing in Western Australia who are currently experiencing extreme postal delays.
The WIA board by directive has addressed this issue and the Ballot Regulation Document has been amended.

The initial election closing date of March 27th is now extended to April 30th."
"Section 6. (g) The ballot is to close on or before 30th April of the election year, and the ballot must be open for a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 42 days from the date the ballot papers are posted."

These changes are reasonable and accommodating as Section 14.1 of the WIA constitution states:
"14.1 Election of Directors
Election of Directors shall be conducted before each annual general meeting by postal ballot or electronic means in accordance with the WIA Ballot regulations as amended by the Board from time to time."

John Marshall
2021 Returning Officer
WIA election of Directors

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