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Important Message: ACMA 2021-01 Consultation

Date : 26 / 03 / 2021
Author : Greg Kelly - VK2GPK

THE NEWS: The Australian Communication & Media Authority (ACMA) recently released a consultation : "Review of non-assigned amateur and outpost regulations" which detailed a number of options for changes to Amateur licencing. In summary, the ACMA preferred option is a change from our current Non-Assigned Apparatus Licence to a Class Licence.

This is a de-regulation initiative and would effectively move Australian radio amateurs towards self-regulation. It has a closure date for submissions of April 2.

FINDINGS: The WIA analysis has demonstrated that, as currently proposed by the ACMA, the Class Licence (Option C in the proposal) the disadvantages clearly outweigh the benefits for Australian radio amateurs. Note that the WIA is NOT opposed in principle to a move to an optimised class licence if it passed a “Better Off Overall” test for radio amateurs – our well researched submission identifies the areas which we believe require such optimisation.

SUBMISSION DRAFT: The Exposure Draft of the full WIA submission is now available below on our website. This exposure draft supercedes our previously released initial analysis summary.

CALL To ACTION: We are calling on our members (and future members) - to support our submission to the ACMA for this consultation by individually sending a support letter to the ACMA. This pro-forma support letter is also available see below, please follow the instructions and edit it to include your details and send to the ACMA email address included in the letter. The closure date is April 2, so please don’t delay.

Your support for our submission is vitally important in ensuring the best possible outcome for Australian radio amateurs.

Thanks and regards
Greg VK2GPK, WIA President

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