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WIA Director Candidate Bios

Date : 08 / 04 / 2021
Author : Bruce Deefholts - WIA OFfice

The following WIA Director Candidate bios are now available for viewing on the WIA Website

Peter Schrader VK4EA
Age 53
Occupation - Electrical Engineer

First licensed in 2001 (VK4TGV) soon after the Morse code requirement: was dropped. Initially a keen mobile and portable HF operator using amateur and land mobile networks. Got addicted to APRS early on then moving into ATV and microwave related activities. Former President of the Redcliffe & Districts Radio Club, current VP of Austravel Safetynet (VMD750) and current Treasurer of the Brisbane VHF Group.

Enthusiastic traveller with a long list of overseas destinations to conquer. Keen remote area traveller looking forward to more travel time when retirement arrives. While based in Singapore I held 9V1PS embracing JT modes on HF, working from an apartment with a high tropical noise floor.
Licensed Qld electrician, licensed ACMA cabler and Electrical Engineer (Regist ered Professional Engineer in Qld) with Masters level qualifications. Currently working for Energy Queensland in Grid Control, current project is to incorporate new substation control devices into substation designs.

Now hold VK4EA (AMC Assessor) and KQ4PS (Extra, VE). I have been a member of the WIA continuously from 2001.

I am keen to assist the WIA board to retain and attract new or lapsed members. The intent should be to increase the Institutes relevance to lapsed and prospective new members using modern communications methods, especially using the social media platforms. Only through an active, growing and strong membership base, will the Institute remain relevant in its main role as an advocate to Government and International associations such as the IARU and ITU.

Peter Dernikos VK3FN
Age 49
Occupation - Company Director

My name is Peter Dernikos VK3FN, a Company Director for the past 12 years.
An avid SWL for many years, the love of the hobby started when I was 13 years old.
My Amateur Radio journey began in 2006, having passed my Foundation Exam, upgraded in 2012, and currently hold an Advanced License.
I am deeply passionate and active in all things Amateur Radio since having been first licensed.
Bringing new people into the hobby, I currently am an accredited Volunteer Examiner for both AMC and the ARRL.
I am an active DXchaser, Contester and enjoy the adventure of participating in DX-peditions.
I have been a WIA member for many years, though I have noticed in the last few years that the WIA needs a boost of enthusiasm, direction, and volunteer help in providing services to its membership base.
As a WIA director, I have nominated to work with the board in a cohesive, positive way to encourage and focus on protecting and improving the Amateur Service to its members.

My Director goals are:
• Improve the working relationship and WIA representation to ACMA and AMC.
• Greater participation and engagement with WIA members and affiliated clubs.
• Encourage more youth into the hobby by active participation through competitive activities such as Contesting and Field Days.
• Growing WIA membership by promotion of the many benefits of the WIA to prospective and existing amateurs.
• Improving and introducing cost-effective and efficient access to education & examination services to all, especially within rural communities.

Age 64
Occupation - Company Director

I am nominating for a WIA Director vacancy and believe my corporate skills and experience as a senior manager with 18 years in banking and 12 years in IT enterprise services can be leveraged as a director of the WIA.

My vision, hopefully shared with other WIA members, is for a continuing, relevant and viable role for the WIA as the focal organisation representing Australian radio amateurs. Further the WIA should be an effective lobby group with the various facets of government; and for the WIA to evolve and change to ensure the relevance, survival, growth and renewal of the Australian amateur radio fraternity. There is an imperative for change – however I believe in change through evolution not revolution, with full informed consultation with the membership.

My skillset includes financial management, project management, business strategy, IT strategy, corporate governance and legislative compliance. A director of my own company for over 20 years and past director of a Not-For-Profit community radio station. I am crystal clear on the fiduciary obligations, responsibilities and personal liability as a director of a Not-For-Profit.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Adelaide) – gained my amateur licence (AOLCP) at age 18 via participation in the youth radio club scheme as a member of Westlake’s Radio Club. I am also a member of the ARNSW.

Steven Green VK2TSG
Age 47
Occupation - Snr: IT Officer

Steven was first licenced in 1992 after being introduced to AR by Ray Hardimon VK2ZZK two years prior, and trained under Terry Ryeland VK2UX (sk), he worked in Radio Communications Retail in Penrith, Brisbane, Parramatta, Sydney, and Melbourne. He was a founding member of an Amateur Radio Club and has been heavily involved in Emergency Services Radio Communications and volunteering.
He is the current Vice-President of the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club (BMARC}, a member of ARNSW, the WIA, and has recently joined WICEN. He founded a Facebook group aimed at supporting newcomers and foundation licences, and has brought many people into the hobby.
Steven has a background in I.T. and management; he is a Hospital Chaplain in the area of Mental Health, and an Enrolled Nurse with an interest in Education and pre-hospital care. He has also served on executive committees and the management teams of several organisations and has also supported board meetings for the NSW Railway and other bodies.
His main areas of interest for the WIA and Amateur Radio include...
• increasing amateur radio participation across the board, but particularly for newcomers who may not have friends or contacts to ask questions of,
• promotion of the hobby and service to the public to raise awareness and recruit newcomers to the hobby/service,
• increasing the WIA's interaction with other organisations including publishers and media groups,
• liaise with all parties involved with foundation training, examination, and licencing, including UTAS/AMC, to assist in streamlining processes.

Peter Clee VK8XZZ
Age 64
Occupation - Student & IT Consultant

Licenced in 1976 with call sign VK2NUK, I have held the following callsigns VK2KZZ, VK6KZZ, P29NUK, P29KZZ, 3D2ZZ, VK8KZZ and VK8ZZ
I was first elected as a director of the WIA in 2017. I was successful at re-election in 2019 for a further 2 years. In 2018 I was appointed Secretary of the WIA.
I live in the small rural community of Wagait Beach on the western side of Darwin Harbour, NT for over 25 years. In 2018, the local community saw fit to bestow the Citizen of The Year Award for my services to the community of Wagait Beach.
I have been very active in local government at Wagait Beach for over 22 years during which time I have held the position of Council President/Mayor or Vice President for over 18 years. I have undertaken the governance training course conducted by Australian Institute of Company Directors. I have received a 20-year service award for services to local government.
I currently hold the following positions:
• Director Wireless Institute of Australia
• Secretary Wireless Institute of Australia
• Secretary Darwin Amateur Radio Club
• Director Radio Amateurs Old Timers Club Australia
• Councillor Charles Darwin University
• Councillor Wagait Shire Council
• V/ President Local Government Association of NT Australian
• Director Local Government Assoc - Heritage Council
• Director for the Northern Territory

In the long term we must maintain a strong position and be united behind the Wireless Institute of Australia to lobby government and make representations and preserve privileges to expand our bands.

Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY
Age 60
Occupation – Company Director

I have been a licenced Amateur Radio operator since 1979.
Married with three children, two are currently licenced amateur radio operators.
Having been active in various Amateur Radio clubs including a long-time WIA member, also a WIA Accredited Assessor for 16 years and currently an AMC Assessor.
• SPCC - President from 1985 to present
• AUS REPEATER NET - Founder and current trustee
• Plus, many other clubs

I believe in
• bringing greater value and transparency to the members of the WIA
• Greater participation of the entire amateur base
• Closer partnerships with the members, clubs, ACMA, AMC
• Increasing the membership base of the WIA
• introducing the hobby to the younger generation
• Involving the younger generation in competitions within the hobby (this was how I introduced my sons to the hobby through the JMMFD)
• Amateur Radio needs to be fun, not just to the current long-term hams, but also to those who will become the future of the hobby (the as-yet to become hams).
• Providing Education, Technology, Presentation, and Study Materials to members and prospective future new amateurs.

42 years in the Communications Industry bringing new technology to our communities.
A Company Director, Communications Consultant and Primary Producer growing olives on my orchard located at Greenhill.
An avid Contester both Phone and CW, a Dx’er & DXpeditioner, having activated locations in the top 40 most wanted including ZK3A as recent as Oct2019 and 9M0W (Spratly islands). A keen IOTA activator, having been to rare IOTA such as Tawi-Tawi OC174.

Scott Williams VK3KJ
Age 55
Occupation - Chief Executive

It has been my pleasure to serve as a current Director on the WIA Board since being appointed in June 2020. My tenure has been short as a Director, but in this time, I have realised there is much to do and achieve within the WIA to re-invent and rejuvenate the organisation into a truly contemporary focused representative member organisation that delivers value to the members and is financially sustainable.
That is easily said but preserving the proud history of the organisation, being collaborative, customer focused, professional, business astute and embracing change is front and centre for me as a Director as we transition and implement this change.
am currently the CEO of an industry member-based Associations operating in the Building & Construction industry and I have held this role or similar roles for the past 12 years. I have also held Executive management positions within companies like NEC, Panasonic, Lucent Technology as well as operating my own businesses ranging in size up to 80 staff. I also currently sit on several Government and Industry Boards within the Building & Construction industry.
This experience and developed leadership attributes are skills that I bring to the WIA, to help improve and drive change within the WIA supporting this tremendous hobby.
I am currently active as VK3KJ and have been licensed for over 42 years since gaining my first call at 13 years of age.
I seek your ongoing support to continue to shape and advance the WIA into the future.

David Uzzell VK2DU
Age 47
Occupation – Security Officer/Technician

I am a 45-year-old Security Technician with a history in electronics since I was young. My first encounter was with an Amateur, whom I used to see in his garage, talking on his big antennas up a tower in a foreign language, I walked into his garage one day and spoke with him. He got involved in the first couple of JOTA's I ran as a young 14-year-old Scout with my father as the leader. Gaining more interest, running more JOTA's, setting up a ROSE network Packet Digipeater at Hurstville in Sydney, at 16 I went and sat for my Novice which I missed by 1 question. Unfortunately, whilst running further JOTA's I never went back until I was in my 30's for my license. Getting my Standard and being part of the first WIA Exam Session in Jindabyne, whilst several of us became Assessors and Learning Facilitators. Much has changed, digital modes both on HF and V/UHF. I have become involved with running a weekly Winlink Net as well as working on helping to get connected digital MMDVM repeaters into Rural Australia. I have been critical and spoken out against the WIA in the past, I have also supported in volunteering for more than 11 years to support the WIA. Now I am standing for the Board to work towards getting the WIA moving forward for all, as a responsive and member receptive organisation to represent the hobby at the highest levels.

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