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Declaration of 2021 Ballot of Directors

Date : 05 / 05 / 2021
Author : John Marshall - WIA Returning Officer

I hereby formally declare the poll results for the 2021 election of Directors of the Wireless Institute of Australia as follows:

Name & Number of Votes
Scott Williams - 547
Peter Clee - 479
Greg Kelly - 477
Peter Schrader - 458
Chris Dimitrijevic - 399
Peter Dernikos - 362
Steven Green - 272
David Uzzell - 173
Informal - 27

May I take this opportunity to thank all candidates for their interest in the position of Director and remind the unsuccessful ones that it is not that long until the next election.

I would also like to extend my thanks to those members who gave up their valuable time and volunteered to count votes. They are Marc Hillman, Peter Gibson, John Chenowith, Jack Bramham, Michael Adams, Keith Proctor and Neil Wilson..
The WIA Executive Officer Bruce Deefholts, as usual , had all matters ready for the formal count and I commend him on the excellent preparatory work.

It was pleasing to see so many candidates expressing interest in a directorship, and for those that were not successful this time, I thank you for your interest and participation, and look forward to seeing your name in a future ballot.

Several members also took the trouble to write to me expressing frustration at the mail delay, and I have taken notice of their comments.

I congratulate the successful candidates.

John Marshall
WIA Returning Officer
2021 Election of Directors..

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