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WIA 2021 AGM

Date : 24 / 06 / 2021
Author : Greg - VK2GPK

The Annual General Meeting of the Wireless Institute of Australia will be held this weekend, Saturday 26th June commencing at 11.00am eastern standard time. As in 2020 due to COVID impacts, the AGM will be held as a virtual AGM with online attendance.

Online Zoom Meeting
For registered participants please join the zoom meeting from 10:30am so you can be admitted from the waiting room into the zoom meeting prior to the scheduled 11:00am meeting start time.
Registered participants will receive an email with the Zoom link early Saturday morning, emails will be sent via Vision 6.
You can register to attend the meeting via this Link

YouTube Live Stream
A YouTube live stream of the AGM will also be available for viewing this email will be sent to all members early Saturday morning, emails will be sent via Memnet.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission has agreed that because of COVID-19, virtual annual general meetings may be held. ASIC has issued guidelines on how to conduct such meetings.

NOTE: If you are reading this on the WIA website on Saturday morning, and find you haven’t received a MemNet or Vision 6 email, please check your SPAM or PROMOTIONS Folder in your email reader – more aggressive SPAM filtering has been put in place by many email vendors and may result in large mailouts being directed to your SPAM folder.

Members wishing to vote at the AGM should record their vote on the proxy form available on the WIA web site or will be able to vote by poll during the meeting. Note that ASIC guidelines preclude “Show of Hands” voting in virtual meetings on resolutions.

Proxy Voting
Proxy forms are available on the WIA web page directly accessible via the following Link

Please ensure that your completed and scanned copy of your proxy form is received by the national office before 5pm (eastern) this Friday June 25.
Email your proxy voting form to:

Observing the AGM
If you wish to watch the virtual WIA AGM, it will be streamed live on the day, with details sent by MemNet immediately prior the meeting. The annual general meeting will also be recorded and available on the WIA web site for later viewing.

Supporting Documents Available For Download:
These member only document include:
  Agenda Link
  Constitution Update Link
  Financials Link
  2020 AGM Draft Minutes Link
  2021 AGM Open Forum ReportsLink

Register to attend the AGM by clicking this Link
Members must register to attend the virtual AGM.

As has been the case in previous annual general meetings, there will be an opportunity for members, who are registered for the AGM, to ask questions of the board. These questions will be read out and answered during the “Other Business” section of the meeting. There will also be an opportunity for members to ask questions during an open forum after the formal AGM concludes.

Details regarding the submission of questions will be provided during the meeting members who attend.

Registrations are now open to attend the AGM at this URL Link

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