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ACMA defers changes to the Overseas Amateurs Visiting Australia Class Licence

Date : 30 / 06 / 2021
Author : Grant Willis VK5GR

In April 2021, the ACMA conducted a public consultation on “Proposed changes to class licences:
“Updating references to standards to include references to equipment rules, and harmonising electromagnetic energy requirements”, which included changes to the Overseas Amateurs Visiting Australia Class Licence. This class licence enables overseas radio amateurs visiting Australia to operate for a short period without obtaining a formal Australian amateur apparatus licence.

In the consultation, the ACMA proposed to change the way visiting amateurs operating under this licence would need to manage compliance with the EME (Electromagnetic Energy) standards set by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Authority (ARPANSA).

The WIA made a submission to the ACMA expressing concern that the proposal would create an inconsistent regulatory arrangement for visiting amateurs compared to domestic licensees. Feedback was also provided highlighting the link between this issue and the existing ongoing “Proposed changes to amateur licensing arrangements - Non-assigned amateur stations - February 2021” consultation that also sought to address EME management in the amateur service.

In response, the ACMA concluded that: “Following consultation, we removed the proposed change to the Radiocommunications (Overseas Amateurs Visiting Australia) Class Licence 2015. We will consider the most appropriate EME compliance requirements for domestic and overseas visiting amateurs as part of our Review of non-assigned amateur licensing arrangements.”

The WIA welcomes moves by the ACMA to consider this matter in a more holistic and consistent manner and will continue to engage with the regulator to seek the best outcome possible that ensures public safety relating to EME while preserving the operational utility of the amateur service.

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