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2021 News Releases




New IARU Secretary

Date : 01 / 07 / 2021
Author : K1ZZ - IARU Secretary

New IARU Secretary

The undersigned is very pleased that Joel Harrison, W5ZN, has been appointed as my successor as IARU Secretary effective on 1 July.

Joel is exceptionally well qualified for the position; he is a passionate radio amateur, a past President of the ARRL, an attendee at several regional IARU conferences, and has professional experience in standards-setting bodies similar to the ITU.

It has been my great privilege to serve as IARU Secretary for three periods of time and a total of 22 years. My IARU involvement actually has extended for a much longer, continuous period beginning in May 1972 when I joined the full-time staff of ARRL with the title of Assistant Secretary for both ARRL and IARU.

The friendships I have made internationally over the past 49 years have enriched my life beyond measure. I hope to be able to continue to be of service to IARU in the background for some time to come

Sincere 73 to all,
David Sumner, K1ZZ
IARU Secretary

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