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WIA DX Awards Program Exciting New Feature - Groups

Date : 03 / 09 / 2021
Author : Graham Alston - VK3GA - WIA Awards Manager

The WIA has added an exciting new feature to its DX Awards Program - Groups. A Group is similar to a leaderboard, but very much more flexible, and are available for all members of the Awards Program, not just VK’s.

Groups contain two elements - a filter and a category. A filter can be any combination of BAND, MODE, DXCC, Continent, QSL (worked-only or verified) or Radio type. A category is the way in which you wish to count filtered records. This can be DXCC, Slots, Grid or IOTA.

There is an almost infinite number of Groups that can be defined and they are, in effect, a highly specialised leaderboard. This allows the creation of groups like SSB-only, Wires & Dipoles, RTTY, High Band, Oceania, QRP on 80m, Grids on 40m, ICOM radios, WARC bands, Commemorative callsigns etc. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Groups can have an optional “sponsor” who may wish to offer an incentive for the winner of their Group.

You join and leave groups from within your Profile. The "Groups Leaderboards" menu item displays the leaderboard for all the Groups that you are a member of.

There must be a minimum of 3 members of a Group for the Group to display. There are already several Groups defined, so have a look and join as many as you like. Members are free to suggest a Group that might attract at least 3 members. Send requests to

The WIA DX Awards program is free to all members of the WIA and provides dozens of awards for newcomers through to advanced DX’ers and IOTA hunters. It can be found <here>.

73 from Graham Alston, VK3GA, WIA Awards Manager

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