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Date : 24 / 09 / 2021
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

20 –22September 2021                          

International Amateur Radio Union Region 3


Date: 23 September 2021
18th IARU Region 3 Conference

1. The triennial conference of Region 3 was held from 20th to 22ndSeptember 2021 in a virtual form using a Zoom platform.

2. The meeting observed a minute of silence in memory of amateurs who became silent keys during past three years. Those include Larry E. Price, W4RA, Reinaldo Leandro, YV5AM, Chandru Ramchandra, VU2RCR, Sangat Singh, 9M2SS, Halim Dani, YB2TJV, Arasu Manohar, VU2UR and Jojo Vicencio, DU1VHY, Faisal AlAjmi 9K2RR.

3. Capt. Dr. PanitChantrabhakdee MD, HS1AAZ, as the President of Conference,welcomed everyone on behalf of the host Society, the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST).

4. Mr. Wisnu Widjaja, YBØAZ, Chairman of Directors of IARU Region 3, thanked the guests for their attendance and welcomed the delegates and observers to the 18th IARU Region 3 Conference on behalf of the IARU Region 3 Officers.

5. Mr. Timothy Ellam VE6SH, President of the IARU, welcomed the participants on behalf of the IARU Officers and the International Secretariat and thanked RAST for hosting the 18th Triennial Conference of IARU Region 3.

6. Mr. Mario Maniewicz, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau of ITU made a speech. In his speech, he stressed that the IARU have actively participated in ITU study groups to protect spectrum for the amateurs.

7. Mr. Masanori Kondo, Secretary General of APT made a speech. He emphasizes that the amateur service is also important for disaster communication. IARU Region 3 has actively participated in APT meetings.

8. General SukitKatandra, Chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Thailand, also welcomed the participants to the Conference. He recognized the general role of amateur radio in this country. He also wished the Conference every success.

9. The conference saw participation from the following 18 IARU Region 3 societies.

ORARI / PARA / PARS / RAST / RSGB / RSSL / SARTS / WIA) and one society (FARA) as an observer status.

Also attending were:

IARU President Tim Ellam, VE6SH; Vice President Ole Garpestad, LA2RR, Secretary Joel Harrison, W5ZN.

IARU Region 1 President Don Beattie, G3BJ; and Secretary Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T, R1 EMC WG Chairman Wolfgang Mahr, OE1MHZ.

IARU Region 2: President Ramón Santoyo, XE1KK and Secretary George Gorsline, VE3YV.

From IARU Region 3 Chairman Wisnu Widjaja, YBØAZ; Directors Mohd Aris Bin Bernawi, 9M2IR; Jakkree Hantongkom, HS1FVL; Ken Yamamoto, JA1CJP and Don Wallace, ZL2TLLand Secretary Shizuo Endo, JE1MUI attended.

10. Two working groups were formed where all participants were invited to participate.
• WG1-Policy Matters.
• WG2- Operational and Technical Matters
• In addition, a separate Finance committee was formed where all delegates were invited to participate.
• A total of 39 papers were discussed at Plenaries and the working groups, and 16 recommendations were adopted.

11. The following six directors were elected by voting following eight nominations:
a) Mohd Aris Bin Bernawi, 9M2IR
b) Jakkree Hantongkom, HS1FVL
c) Ken Yamamoto, JA1CJP
d) Oscar Reyes, VK3TX
e) Wahyudi Hasbi, YD1PRY
f) Don Wallace, ZL2TLL

The directors then elected Ken Yamamoto, JA1CJP and Wahyudi Hasbi, YD1PRY as their Chairman in the first 18 months and second 18 months, respectively. This was endorsed by conference.

Yosuke Uchiyama, JH1NBN was appointed as the Secretary without contention.

12. The conference praised the RAST organizing committee, headed by Jakkree Hantongkom, HS1FVL and Mr. Kitsada Achinphattra, E21FYK and the team of volunteers for preparing the R3 Conference website and arranging Zoom platforms for meetings, etc.

13. The conference thanked Bun Vichitcheep, E25KAE from RAST for taking on the role of Conference Chair and conducting the conference in an efficient way.

14. One written invitation was received from RAST to host the 19th Regional Conference of IARU Region 3 at Bangkok in Thailand. The 19th Conference is planned to be held in September 23rd -26th, 2024.

15. Appointment of IARU Region 3 Auditor and Coordinators/CommitteeChairpersons:

1 Auditor: Mr. Makoto Suzuki JA1QIW
2 ARDF Committee Chairman: Mr. Yoh Hiroshi Izuta JF1RPZ
3 Award Manager: Mr. Yana Koryana YB1AR
4 Monitoring System Coordinator: Mr. Titon Dutono YB3PET
5 HF Band plan Committee Chairman: Mr. Grant Willis VK5GR
6 VHF+ Band plan Committee Chairman: Mr. Sion Chow Qi Chao 9M2CQC
7 Beacon Coordinator: Mr. Agus Gunarso YB1LZ
8 Disaster Communication Committee Chairman: Mr. Emir Yudha Amangku YBØLBT
9 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Coordinator: Mr. Yong-Seok Choi HL3OB
10 Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Coordinator: Mr. Yong-Seok Choi HL3OB
11 STARS*** Task Force Convenor: Mr. Syarif Hidayat YB1FWO
12 Youth Coordinator: Mr. Kitsada Anchiphanttra E21FYK

The WIA is represented by Peter Young, VK3MV as the Delegate, with Greg Kelly, VK2GPK, Lee Moyle, VK3GK, Oscar Salazar, VK3TX, Grant Willis, VK5GR, and Dale Hughes, VK1DSH as observers.

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