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Contest 2x1 Callsign - Wrap Up.

Date : 14 / 10 / 2021
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

Contest 2x1 Callsign - Wrap Up.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021 at 10am will be remembered by many VK contesters as “Frenzy Day”.

The instant demand at exactly 10am for 2x1 contesting callsigns definitely stress tested the AMC website in more ways than one.

Luckily for all those applying it was a serious pile up, with anxious feelings of missing out, waiting impatiently for that 2x1 page refresh, not unlike waiting to hear the rare DX return your callsign and then when propagation shifts and unfortunately that rare one you need for honour roll is all but gone.

It seems many felt they may have been a “Busted Call” or “Not In Log” (NIL) during the frenzy.

Understandably, the AMC office has been inundated with phone calls. Let us sincerely hope that the callers were understanding and respectful of the AMC office staff who continue to do an excellent job at managing “all things Amateur Radio” including examination processing and callsign recommendations etc.

The day one results are actually quite surprising as after all the dust has settled only about 138 callsigns were allocated out of about 702.... or around 19.5%

The highest demand was for 2x1’s was from the eastern states of VK3, VK2 and VK4 in that order, with many now been allocated. The “VJ” and “VL” prefixes seeming not so popular, however still being sought after for use in general and WPX type contesting.

More interesting to note is that not a single VK9 2x1 callsign has been allocated.
VK3 has had more issued than all of VK1, VK5, VK6, VK7 and VK8 combined.
Who would have even considered that so many contesters lived in VK3?

Considerable thanks need to be given to all the members of VK Contest Club (VKCC) who inspired and began this 2x1 callsign project well over 10 years ago and have continually pushed the 2x1 callsign agenda.

The WIA thanks all stake holders and individuals who contributed to the success of this long term project.

In particular, the WIA congratulates the Australian Maritime College (AMC) for a successful release and implementation of the 2x1 Callsign blocks to the Amateur Radio Contesting community.

To apply for a 2x1 Contest callsign (Advanced only) go to the AMC website and follow the instructions: Link

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