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Amateur Radio Magazine- Antennas and Propagation Edition

Date : 11 / 11 / 2021
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

The latest edition of the WIA journal - Issue 6, the last for 2021 - will be in members' hands from this coming week.

While I have your attention – thank you to those readers who completed our READER SURVEY, which ran through September and closed on 22 October. We have early results! When this issue lands in your hands, you will find them on Page 17.

Well, what else is in store for readers in Issue 6?

The theme for this issue is ANTENNAS & PROPAGATION.

We have articles on both home and portable antennas.
Phil Wait VK2ASD explores the performance of his half-square wire antenna for 40 metres, while Ben Broadbent VK5BB reveals how to build a “Steady Eddie” portable squid pole mount for easy, one-person deployment.

Propagation-wise, Simon Rumble VK2VSR gives us “the skinny” on monitoring space weather online, while our VHF-UHF columnist, David Minchin VK5KK reveals some fascinating details on microwave propagation via evaporative ducting along with recent investigations into aircraft scatter.

Likewise, our Meteor Scatter Columnist, Dr Kevin Johnston VK4UH, fleshes-out the mechanics of meteor scatter propagation and the ways and means of successfully exploiting it – here’s one area where smaller is better! Antenna systems, that is.
For the constructors among you, Lou Destefano VK3AQZ continues his HF antenna tuner project, which was held over from Issue 5.

And further, the indefatigable Jim Tregellas VK5JST presents a digital readout VSWR and RF power meter project that covers all amateur bands from 160 to six metres and powers up to 250 watts PEP.

Coincidentally, the series on unravelling the mysteries of connecting radios to antennas, by Dr Brian Clarke VK2GCE, continues apace.

Once more, Newcomers’ Notebook appears, this time covering the Why’s and wherefores of the Wheatstone Bridge – a circuit widely used to measure all sorts of things, as Jules Perrin VK3JFP explains.

And this issue we reveal the theme for the first issue next year – it’s CONTESTING!

Issue 6: look out for it in your letterbox "real soon now".

The online issue will be available for download around the same time.

Roger Harrison VK2ZRH, AR magazine

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