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HAMADS - WIA Online Classifieds

Date : 27 / 11 / 2021
Author : David Ford VK4MZ


Since the first issue of Amateur Radio (AR) magazine, released by the WIA on 1st October 1933, Hamads has had a prominent presence as a premium buy/sell platform.
Now 88 years later, Hamads is now online to complement the current AR magazine content.

After a number of enquiries and requests from Members, the WIA has created a Members classified website; Hamads

If you are a WIA member or registered on memnet you can join, but wait there's more, even WIA non-members can access the site as well, viewing adverts and contacting vendors.

Clear out the shack with the Classifieds and Auction sales.

Right now Hamads is ready to accept your advertisements.

However this is currently the BETA release and we didn't want to hold back the release to our members.

The Hamads team will be fine tuning the site to improve the user experience, so please report any anomalies found as we value your feedback to:

Go to hamads now: Link

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