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Malaysia drops CW requirements and increases power to 1kW

Date : 07 / 01 /
Author : Lee Moyle - VK3GK

An important announcement comes from Sion Chow 9M2CQC, MARTS VHF+ Bandplan Committee Chairman, IARU R3, is that from January 1st 2023 the whole structure of Amateur Radio in Malaysia is changing. For the very first time after nearly 6 years of work since MARPC was established, and after 22 years since WRC-2000, Malaysia is dropping its Morse Code testing requirements for those wishing to upgrade to a Malaysian Class-A license.

Among other significant changes are:

1. Class-B license holders now get to operate from 80m (3.5 MHz) - 70cm (430 MHz) with 50w of TX power.

2. Class-A and B license holders now get to operate the new 60m band with 15w EIRP of TX power and all HF bands and Class-A with 1000w of TX power.

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