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2023 News Releases



Coastal UK Radio Station, GBR recorded on Mike Oldfield's "Tubular Bells" recording.

30/ 01/ 2023   Forever immortalized on Tubular Bells: Coastal Radio Station, GBR YOU CAN HEAR GBR TRANSMITTING, ON THE "TUBULAR BELLS" RECORDING BY MIKE OLDFIELD.
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WIA DX Awards "Clubs Competition" winner announced

18/ 01/ 2023   The WIA DX Awards Committee would like to congratulate Bunbury Radio Club for winning the inaugural WIA DX Awards "VK Clubs Competition".
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Declaration of Election of Directors

15/ 01/ 2023   The returning officer for the Wireless Institute of Australia has made a declaration in the election of Directors of the Board of the Wireless Institute of Australia.
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New QSL manager appointed for VK4

07/ 01/ 2023   Give a warm welcome to Laurie/VK4BLE, your not so new VK4 Inwards QSL Bureau Co-ordinator.
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Malaysia drops CW requirements and increases power to 1kW

07/ 01/   An important announcement comes from Sion Chow 9M2CQC, MARTS VHF+ Bandplan Committee Chairman, IARU R3, is that from January 1st 2023 the whole structure of Amateur Radio in Malaysia is changing.
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Amateur Radio Contesting Great Fred Laun, K3ZO, Silent Key

07/ 01/   Fred Laun (Alfred A. Laun, III), K3ZO, of Temple Hills, Maryland, USA, passed away on January 3, 2023
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