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WIA DX Awards "Clubs Competition" winner announced

Date : 18 / 01 / 2023
Author : Graham Alston VK3GA - Awards Manager

The WIA DX Awards Committee would like to congratulate Bunbury Radio Club for winning the inaugural WIA DX Awards "VK Clubs Competition". This award recognises the WIA-affiliated club that scores the most number of DXCC slots in the calendar year. In 2022, this number was a remarkable 7336. The North East Radio Group were second on 3859, with Amateur Radio NSW third on 1360.

In total, 12 radio clubs participated in 2022.

The winning members of Bunbury Radio Club were VK6APK, VK6DW, VK6IR, VK6OZ and VK6RZ.
Thank you to our sponsor, DX Radio Systems, for providing the medals for these members.

The competition is open for 2023, again sponsored by DX Radio Systems, and we encourage any WIA-affiliated radio club to get their members to enrol in the DX Awards and create their own Club Group.
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