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2023 News Releases




New QSL manager appointed for VK4

Date : 07 / 01 / 2023
Author : Gavin Reibelt - VK4ZZ

Give a warm welcome to Laurie/VK4BLE, your not so new VK4 Inwards QSL Bureau Co-ordinator.
Laurie is back in the saddle after a bit of a break from the hectic life of a QSL Co-ordinator (he ran the VK4 Inwards/Outwards QSL Bureau for 12 years up to 1999) and has an urgent request for VK4 WIA Affiliated Clubs to get the inwards cards rolling again.

If VK4 Clubs want their members QSL Cards to start flowing, compile a text list of callsigns of members (and club calls) and send the list to Laurie so he can update the Inwards database and get the packets-o-QSL-Cards flying through the mail to you.

With the reboot Laurie can also assist those VK4 WIA Members who want their Inwards QSL Cards sent direct - message Laurie to find out more!
Ok VK4 WIA Affiliated Clubs - get cracking and get Laurie busy.

Contact Laurie/VK4BLE now on [qrm] laprit [at] optusnet [dot] com [dot] au [qrm] [making sure to release or convert the countermeasures first] oh - while you are at it compiling the callsign list, how about updating your member callsign list on your club page on the WIA Website. You will then be well set to get your club's WIA Affiliated Club Public Risk Insurance Scheme participation underway when the renewal arrives.

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