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WIA Announce New Insurance Partner: GippsInsure

Date : 15 / 03 / 2023
Author : Scott Williams - VK3KJ

This week, the WIA wrote to all Affiliated Clubs, and we were delighted to announce that the WIA has formally entered into a new insurance arrangement with our preferred insurance partner, GippsInsure, to provide insurance products and services to Clubs.

GippsInsure is a Victorian based insurance Broker and is part of the large Steadfast insurance network throughout Australia.

Over the past 3 months, the WIA has reviewed the insurance needs of clubs and the way the arrangement has been previously administered through the WIA.

What became clear is WIA Affiliated Clubs had a broad range of insurance needs that extended from Public & Product Liability insurance, Association Liability insurance incorporating Professional Indemnity, Management Liability insurance, Volunteer Workers insurance, General Property insurance also covering equipment taken away from club rooms and a range of other insurance requirements.

Overall, the new arrangement that has been put in place is price attractive and enables clubs to consolidate their insurance needs, making the administration of insurance far simpler.

Affiliated Clubs will now to be able to liaise directly with GippsInsure and under our group buying arrangement, supported by our 136 Affiliated Clubs, have access to a comprehensive range of insurance products and services.

All WIA Affiliated Clubs who have previously pursued insurance through the old arrangement, will find generally there policy expires at the end of this month, so clubs will need to act promptly if you wish to ensure continuity of insurance.

All Clubs are encouraged to carefully consider your insurance requirements and ensure adequate insurance is in place commensurate with your activities.

The contact details for GippsInsure are below.

Contact: Steven Bigham
Mobile: 0481 396 625
Telephone: (03) 5181 6085
Address: PO Box 291 Traralgon Vic 3844

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