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ACMA - Amateur Class Licensing Update:

Date : 24 / 05 / 2023
Author : ACMA - Class Licensing Update 24 May 2023

This information is supplied directly from ACMA by way of its "Class Licensing Update" email issued on 24 May 2023.

Amateur Class Licensing Update: 24 May 2023

The ACMA would like to inform you the Australian Maritime College (AMC), has decided not to extend its deed for the provision of amateur licensee services beyond February 2024.

In light of the AMC’s decision and the planned move to class licensing of amateur services, the ACMA have taken the opportunity to review how amateur radio qualifications and call signs can be best supported under a class licence framework.


For some time, the AMC managed several functions on behalf of the ACMA, including conducting amateur radio operator exams, issuing qualifications and recommending call signs
for successful candidates to the ACMA.

However, after examining how to provide the best continuity of service for amateurs, the ACMA are
proposing an alternative way to deliver these services.

 New, more effective arrangements:

The ACMA will no longer use a deed arrangement to provide amateur radio qualifications and call sign
recommendations. Instead, they have decided to update the amateur radio qualification and call
sign framework alongside the class licence implementation, and manage some of these
services themselves.

  New accreditation procedures:

The ACMA propose to use the network of voluntary assessors used by the AMC as accredited assessors under a scheme managed by the ACMA. Assessors
will be able to conduct theoretical and practical examinations for amateur radio. Qualified and experienced amateur operators will be able to seek ACMA accreditation to conduct amateur radio examinations.

As part of this accreditation work, the ACMA are:

  preparing operational guidelines for accredited assessors

 developing examination material

  compiling a list of allocated and available call signs to go on our website.

The ACMA will still be responsible for approving the amateur radio syllabi.

  Better alignment of qualification levels: The new framework will keep the Foundation,
Standard and Advanced qualification levels for amateur radio examinations. This aligns with
the qualification levels in the proposed class-licensing arrangements.

  ACMA to issue qualifications and call signs: Under the new arrangement, qualifications will be issued by ACMA staff after an application from a person who has passed an examination.

The ACMA will continue to be the call sign administrator and issue call signs to amateurs with recognised qualifications.

These arrangements are consistent with our amateur spectrum management obligations under the International Telecommunication Union’s Radio Regulations and the Radiocommunications
Act 1992.

Next steps:

The ACMA want to introduce the new accreditation scheme at the same time as the class licensing
arrangements. At this stage, we expect to consult on the new accreditation scheme in August 2023.

The ACMA welcome your feedback through the public consultation process, and will keep you
updated on progress.

To prepare for the move to class licensing, the ACMA have changed the renewal periods for non-assigned amateur licences to 12-months only.
This will help amateur licensees make a smooth transition to class licensing.

The ACMA are grateful for your engagement and assistance in this transition, and look forward to a smoother, more efficient framework.

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