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2023 News Releases




WIA Complimentary Reward Membership Update

Date : 10 / 10 / 2023
Author : WIA BOARD

GOT A NEW LICENCE? 1-Year Additional Membership on us!

If you have received an Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency:

(AOCP) – Foundation, Standard or Advanced

at any time since the January 1st, 2018
or if you are an Amateur Radio Operator, SWL or other interested party and at any time have not previously been a member of the WIA, you may be eligible for an additional 1- year membership extension to your first years WIA membership subscription* at no additional cost.

If this is you, or someone you know, all that is needed is to complete a WIA membership application form (hard or soft copy) along with a copy of the relevant AOCP qualification (or equivalent if applicable) showing the date of qualification
attainment and send them to the WIA head office for processing.


Join now and start receiving all the benefits of WIA membership.

Member benefits can be found here: Link

Join online: Link

Hard copy: Link

(* Subject to WIA Membership being approved and WIA Membership Terms and Conditions being fully met.)

This new updated arrangement was introduced in October 2022 and was advertised in Vol 90 No6 2022 AR magazine.
This supercedes any previous conditions or offers of WIA 1 year complimentary membership.

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