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WIA Website News Release RSS Feed

What is an RSS Feed ?

RSS stands for "really simple syndication," or, depending on who you ask, "rich site summary." At its heart, RSS is just simple text files with basic updated information, news pieces, articles, that sort of thing. That stripped-down content is usually plugged into what is called a "feed reader" or an interface that quickly converts the RSS text files into a stream of the latest updates from around the web.

How do you view the WIA RSS Feed ?

You will need a program on your computer to view an RSS feed. Whether you have a Microsoft Windows or Apple computer or phone or tablet in each case you will need to use an RSS reader application.

Here are a few applications we have found that you may wish to try, there are many more options available...

Windows Applications
 Newsflow Link
  Awasu Link
  Omega Reader Link
  Feedly Link
  RSS Owl Link
  Sharp Reader Link
  NewsBlur Link
  RSS Bandit Link

Apple Mac Applications
  Net Newswire Link
  Reeder Link

Here is the WIA RSS Feed - Copy the following link into your RSS reader

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