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WICEN South Australia


WICEN SA, PO Box 600
Modbury South Australia 5092


The Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network Incorporated [WICEN SA Inc] operates as a separate identity under the auspices of the Wireless Institute of Australia.

WICEN is a group of approximately 55 volunteer Radio Amateurs who provide their time and equipment to other emergency groups to enable the transmission, via radio networks, of voice and data messages from mobile field bases to a central control.

Listed officially under the State Disaster Plan, WICEN provides radio communications and also co-operates with the State Emergency Service, The Salvation Army and The Red Cross when emergencies arise.

The members of WICEN and other fellow Radio Amateurs have provided communications for Walk Against Want, Bicycles SA, the Rally of SA and, previously, the Classic Adelaide Rally. These field exercises are used as a training forum to test radio equipment and operating skills for WICEN radio operators and their friends.

The members provide their own radio, computer and other equipment to augment WICEN's own Radio Translators, Repeaters, Antenna systems and Data facilities.

WICEN SA is contactable by emergency organisations via a mobile phone listed on the website or above.


WICEN SA Holds 3 monthly social meetings including fee BBQ's, refer to our Facebook page or listen to the SA local segments on the Sunday morning WIA broadcast for details.

It cooperates with, and works through the local radio clubs and volunteer agencies.

The WICEN SA committee meets regularly via SKYPE

The Annual General Meeting of WICEN SA is usually held during May each year.(refer Facebook page)

Club Activities & Events

Please see Facebook page:

Meetings held at various community halls refer to our Facebook page for details.

Club Contact Details

WICEN South Australia
WICEN SA, PO Box 600
Modbury South Australia 5092
Phone : 0401 318136
Email :


Louis Coleshill VK5FLY
Phone : 0401 318136
Email :

Robert Stubbs VK5HRS
Email :

David Wilson VK5LSB
Email :


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