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The 21st Australian Scout Jamboree AJ2007 - Get in the game.

Date : 03 / 01 / 2007
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3KRB

On the 2nd of January 2007 the quiet Victorian country town of Elmore had a population explosion by a factor of about 10 as it became host to around 13,000 Scouts and 8000 leaders and assistants attending the 21st Australian Scout Jamboree called AJ2007. The 12 day Jamboree being held at the Elmore field day grounds comes complete with it's own police station, hospital, fire station, FM radio station, multiple rock stages and of course hundreds of amazing activities for 13,000 energetic Scouts.

Taking prime location near the center of the Jamboree site is the Scout Radio and Electronic Service Unit's amateur radio station VI3JAM. Visually locatable from just about anywhere within the site (due to it's enormous antennas and masts), visiting Scouts have already kept VI3JAM active and on the air since early Tuesday morning. "The Jamboree has only just started and we have had so many contacts within Australia and overseas, it's just been fantastic. All the station equipment is working perfectly and the Scouts have just been having a ball" said station manager Hayden McManus VK3FRST

The Radio and Electronic Service Unit has constructed four individual operating positions within a large modern air conditioned Atco hut.Each operating position has been fully decked out with state of the art radio and computer equipment kindly donated by Icom Australia and BKB internet. Outside the antenna farm constructed by the Service Unit is very impressive. Independently rotatable beams are in place for 2m/70cm, 10/15/20m, 6m as well as a series of dipoles in place for operating on the lower HF bands.

VI3JAM is now on the air, on the usual calling frequencies for all bands 160m through 70cm and awaiting your QSL.

Encouragingly a number of Scouts attending AJ2007 and visiting the VI3JAM station have already heard of the new foundation licence and a number of young scouts attending the Jamboree already have foundation call signs and have been spotted roaming the Jamboree with a 2m or 70cm handhelds strapped to their belts.

All Scouts visiting the VI3JAM station are being given information on amateur radio and the new foundation license by way of promotional material provided by the WIA. The material includes the WIA's new color brochure "Calling CQ" which outlines the many enjoyable and interesting aspects of the hobby, also included in the promotional material is a listing of contact details for the group leaders from the various radio clubs providing foundation training and assessment. The promotional material also includes a follow up form, which can be filled out to request follow up by the Radio and Electronic Service Unit with more information on how to become a radio amateur. Also on sale at the VI3JAM station are copies of "Your entry into Amateur Radio" the foundation license manual for anyone keen to purchase a copy and start studying.

A highlight for the Jamboree and the VI3JAM station, will be the 20 lucky Scouts who entered the "What would I ask an astronaut" competition via the AJ2007 website and were selected to pose their questions in person Sunday night at Suni Williams KD5PLB in an ARRIS hookup with the international space station.

VI3JAM is on the air and looking for contacts, a commemorative QSL card is being issued to all stations who have worked VI3JAM. Below are a series of photos taken around the Jamboree and VI3JAM station sites, have a look through them and enjoy talking on air with the Scouts at the 21st Australian Scout Jamboree via VI3JAM - Powered by Icom.


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