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2007 News Releases



New Format For Reporting BPL Interference To ACMA

30/ 01/ 2007   The WIA has developed a new downloadable form for use when lodging a formal BPL interference complaint to ACMA, ensuring that all relevant information is presented in the correct format.
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Peter Young VK3MV nominated for director's position.

25/ 01/ 2007   After valuable service to the Amateur Radio community as a Director of the WIA, Glenn Dunstan VK4DU is not seeking re-election to the Board due to business commitments.
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ACMA approves AX prefix for Australia Day 2007

19/ 01/ 2007   The WIA is pleased to advise that the ACMA has approved the use of the AX callsign prefix for use by all Australian Amateurs in lieu of existing VK prefixes (if they choose to) to celebrate Australia Day January 26th 2007.
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WIA addresses ACMA cost recovery paper

19/ 01/ 2007   A number of members have seen the paper "Cost recovery arrangements for services provide d by ACMA" placed on the ACMA website just before Christmas, calling for comment by 1 February.
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ACMA changes high power EME conditions

19/ 01/ 2007   The WIA Board is very aware that many amateurs are not happy with the transmitter power limits for Australian amateurs.
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Board Adopts Advisory Committee Regulations

17/ 01/ 2007   The WIA Constitution provides for Advisory Committees, for the first three years to be the members of the Divisional Councils at the time the Constitution was adopted who were prepared to be members
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ACMA Measures BPL Emissions at Home of Conrad, VK7HCK.

17/ 01/ 2007   On the 12th January 2007 ACMA performed a series BPL emission measurements and on-air observations at the home of Conrad, VK7HCK.
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The Commonwealth Contest 2007 - the Australian team needs you!

12/ 01/ 2007   This year, the Radio Society of Great Britain�s Commonwealth Contest 2007, which takes place on 10/11 March
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The 2007 John Moyle contest

09/ 01/ 2007   If you think you are ready for providing communication assistance at any time then give it a try.
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NA1ISS calling - and the band played on

08/ 01/ 2007   The organisers of the highly successful ARISS contact with the Australian Jamboree had strong competition for a loud rock music playing non-stop during the pre-arranged contact with the international space station.
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Details for ARISS contact at the 21st Australian Scout Jamboree

05/ 01/ 2007   A special contact between the International Space Station Expedition 14 and the 21st Australian Jamboree in Elmore, north-central Victoria, is scheduled for about 1015 UTC on Sunday, 7 January.
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ARRL takes the FCC to court over BPL rule

03/ 01/ 2007   The ARRL, the national society of radio amateurs in the USA, has filed a Petition for Review in the United States District of Colombia Circuit, seeking a review of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) recently adopted rule that exempts BPL operators from having to anything to correct interference to mobile operations other than to notch emissions to a level 20dB (below 30 MHz) or 10 dB (above 30 MHz) below the absolute limits specified elsewhere in the rules.
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The 21st Australian Scout Jamboree AJ2007 - Get in the game.

03/ 01/ 2007   On the 2nd of January 2007 the quiet Victorian country town of Elmore had a population explosion by a factor of about 10 as it became host to around 13,000 Scouts and 8000 leaders and assistants attending the 21st Australian Scout Jamboree called AJ2007.
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The WIA Responds to Discussion Paper

01/ 01/ 2007   On 13 November 2006 ACMA published on its website a discussion paper prepared by private consultants, Spectrum Wise Radiocommunications Consultants, who have been commissioned by ACMA to review government spectrum holdings.
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