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ACMA Measures BPL Emissions at Home of Conrad, VK7HCK.

Date : 17 / 01 / 2007
Author : Phil Wait - VK2DKN

On the 12th January 2007 ACMA performed a series BPL emission measurements and on-air observations at the home of Conrad, VK7HCK.The purpose of the measurements was to confirm the resolution of interference complaints lodged by Conrad in November 2005 and September 2006.

ACMA invited the WIA to observe their measurement activity.

Phil Wait, VK2DKN and Justin Giles-Clark, VK7TW represented the WIA. Justin also represented REAST.

ACMA sent two representatives: Colin Payne from ACMA Regulation and Compliance Branch Melbourne, and David Long from ACMA Regulation and Compliance Branch Hobart, and an impressive bit of measuring kit. Also present were Greg Todd, VK7YAD, Harvey Skegg VK7HK, and naturally Conrad.

Aurora Energy has changed the BPL network characteristics in the area around Conrad�s residence following his initial interference complaint. Wireless back-haul is now used between repeaters and most HF amateur bands are notched about 25dB.

ACMA performed this new series of emission measurements using an active loop antenna placed near the power line entry to Conrad's house. They also measured the BPL signal voltage on the feedline to Conrad�s antennas and observed the effect of the BPL emissions on Conrad�s HF transceiver.

At the time of the measurements by ACMA there appeared to be a reduction in BPL emissions compared to previous measurements and observations.

For a report on the ACMA measurement session at VK7HCK click on this Link


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