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2007 News Releases



In Memory Of Chris Jones VK2ZDD

24/ 08/ 2007   Saturday the 25th of August marked the 12 month anniversary since Chris Jones VK2ZDD passed away and became a silent key.
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VK3 - ILLW Weekend Report

21/ 08/ 2007   During the International Lighthouse and Lightship weekend (ILLW) on the 18th and 19th of August 2007, the folks from Amateur Radio Victoria (ARV) activated the Lighthouse and Time Ball Tower at Point Gellibrand near Williamstown with the call sign VK3WI.
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WIA Announces Changes to WIA QSL Service

18/ 08/ 2007   A QSL Service at no cost is one of the services offered by the WIA to its members.
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Hamming it up in the radio shack

18/ 08/ 2007   Thursday, August 16, 2007. As part of the ABC's science week it's news service has reported on the activities of Kalgoorlie amateur radio operator Lewis Pannell, the news article provides some background information on our hobby and shares amongst other things, that Lewis had communicated with NASA astronaut Andy Thomas during a space mission.
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WIA Announces Changes to WIA Awards Program

15/ 08/ 2007   The WIA Board, in consultation with the WIA Awards Manager, Malcolm Johnson VK6LC, and taking the advice of Treasurer Jim Baxter VK3KE has announced some important changes to the WIA Awards rules.
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New NTAC Repeater and Beacon Procedures

15/ 08/ 2007   The National Technical Advisory committee, NTAC, is responsible for advising the WIA Board on technical matters..
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Members apply for qualification as Learning Facilitators

14/ 08/ 2007   In late April the WIA announced that WIA Learning Facilitators will replace the Invigilators and WIA Learning Organisers (who will need to be either WIA Assessors or WIA Learning Facilitators) will replace Group Leaders.
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WIA Board announces new Advisory Committees

10/ 08/ 2007   The WIA Constitution that was adopted when the WIA moved from a federal structure to a single national body provided for Advisory Committees from each of the areas previously covered by the Divisions, and whose task was to advise the WIA Board in respect of more local matters.
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100 years of Scouting celebration

01/ 08/ 2007   Wednesday Morning 1st of August 2007 the Scout Association of Australia will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Scouting.
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