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2007 News Releases




WIA Announces Changes to WIA Awards Program

Date : 15 / 08 / 2007
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The WIA Board, in consultation with the WIA Awards Manager, Malcolm Johnson VK6LC, and taking the advice of Treasurer Jim Baxter VK3KE has announced some important changes to the WIA Awards rules.

Full details may be found on the WIA website under "Awards".

As from 1 September 2007, a new fee scale will be introduced, and following the lead of many overseas societies, including the ARRL, from 1 December 2007, WIA Awards will be available only to persons resident in Australia who are members of the WIA.

WIA membership will not be required for applicants for WIA Awards resident outside Australia.

WIA Members will be entitled to one certificate and two Award up-dates per membership year at no charge. The fee for each further General Award certificate in a year will be A$20, with the DXCC multi band certificate fee being $25. Other fees can be found on the website.

The fee for foreign applicants will be A$25 or US$25 for each General Award Certificate and A$30 or US$30 for each multi band DXCC award, and A$15 or US$15 for each award up date. Again full details can be found on the WIA website.

The fee for WIA non-members resident in Australia until 1 December 2007 will be A$30 for each certificate, A$15 for each award up-date and A$35 for each replacement certificate.

After 1 December 2007 membership of the WIA will be required for Australian residents to apply for WIA awards.

There are also some changes to the verification rules, which are hopefully a bit clearer than they were.

However, Electronic QSL methods such as eQSL, LoTW, Fax and email continue at present not to be acceptable as confirmation of QSO's for WIA awards. The rules now make it clear that applications for a WIA Award that do not substantially comply with the rules may be rejected and shall be returned to the applicant with the invitation to resubmit the application once the defects have been corrected.


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