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2007 News Releases




WIA Announces Changes to WIA QSL Service

Date : 18 / 08 / 2007
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

A QSL Service at no cost is one of the services offered by the WIA to its members.

The WIA Board, in consultation with the National QSL Bureau Coordinator, Neil Penfold VK6NE, and through him the various QSL Managers, and taking into account WIA President Michael Owen’s report of his discussions with the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club, (who provide the Outwards QSL service for the WIA), has made a number of important changes to the WIA QSL Service.

The changes will take effect from 1 December 2007. Full details may be found under QSL on the WIA website.

The Board had decided that as both Inward and Outward services are provided by the Managers on behalf of the WIA, Managers should not accept money from either members or non-members as the cost of keeping and auditing adequate accounting records outweighs any benefit

If a WIA member makes an arrangement with the local QSL Manager for their cards to be sent annually, then WIA will meet the cost of forwarding any cards received for that WIA member at their address on the membership list once a year.

WIA members who are members of an affiliated club may instead through their club request that their cards be sent to them at their club. Inward QSL Managers shall send WIA members cards to their clubs at such times as are economic having regard to the number of cards involved, but at least once a year. The WIA will meet the cost of sending the cards to the clubs.

So far as non-members are concerned, the Inward QSL Managers will retain non-members cards for at least one year before disposing of them, and will make available cards for collection by or on behalf of non-members in a manner convenient to the Manager.

So far as the Outward Service is concerned, WIA Members should send their cards sorted in DX CC country order direct to the WIA Outwards QSL Bureau addressed as follows:

WIA Outwards QSL Bureau
P.O. Box 3073
NSW 2284

Affiliated clubs may collect cards on behalf of their WIA members and forward them in reasonable sized batches to the WIA Outwards QSL Bureau at the above address. The Outwards Bureau will confirm the WIA membership of the club members.

Non-members cards will not be handled.


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