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In Memory Of Chris Jones VK2ZDD

Date : 24 / 08 / 2007
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3KRB

Saturday the 25th of August marked the 12 month anniversary since Chris Jones VK2ZDD passed away and became a silent key.

It was Chris Jones who in late 2003, invited a group of amateurs to his house in Menai, where a vision was shared for the formation of the National WIA. It was proposed that a new National WIA would represent a viable alternative, to what was at the time, a Federally based organisation. It was Chris's passion, commitment and drive that helped shape the new National WIA into the effective organisation that it is today, delivering friendly and professional services to members.

As many will know, Chris was deeply committed to the introduction and sucess of the new Foundation License and invested an enormous amount of time and effort to help ensure the right people and processes were in all place to guarantee the new licence system would be a huge sucsess it has become.

Chris was a truly inspirational and loyal person, and is fondly remembered by his many friends.

Robert Broomhead


It has been just on a year now since we all lost our very good friend Chris Jones VK2ZDD. I was with Chris when he passed away on Friday morning August 25th last year. It was extremely sudden and was a great shock to all of his friends around the world.

So what has happened in the last year to all of us who were close to Chris? Well first and foremost, his best mate, Max his much loved Labrador I am pleased to report is fit and well in the care of Anne, Chris's sister and her family. He has lost a lot of his excess weight and at the age of 8 is a very active pooch spending lots of time enjoying weekends on their friend's farm down in the Southern Highlands. And he still does not bark.

Chris's house in Menai has been sold and is now no longer in the family. We all have treasured memories of the great parties and get togethers in his home.

Our EchoIRLP node IRLP 6222 Echolink VK2BGL-L is still very active and has been relocated to Engadine with a VHF getaway as good if not slightly better than the old location in Chris's home at Menai.
Its frequency 146.550 is still populated with many of Chris's old friends and is one of the most active VHF simplex channels in Sydney.

The Papua New Guinea village library fund at last count was just nudging $10000 but there has been a delay on building the premises by the government. The money is to be given to Paul and the village elders to purchase the books when the building is further advanced.

And myself? who had Chris as a good friend since 1966 and lived and worked with him for the last few years of his life? Well I have retired back to my old home town of Kiama on the South Coast where I spent the first 17 years of my life.

Would you call that a Sea change or Back to My Roots?

Steve Leatheam


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