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2007 News Releases




Board Adopts Advisory Committee Regulations

Date : 17 / 01 / 2007
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

The WIA Constitution provides for Advisory Committees, for the first three years to be the members of the Divisional Councils at the time the Constitution was adopted who were prepared to be members, and charges the Board with the task of making regulations for the all aspects of the Advisory committees after that, including the regions they cover, their structure and the election of the Advisory Committee members, which is to be every three years.

The Constitution also provides that in addition to the elected members one member of each Advisory Committee may be appointed by the Board, the Nominated Member.

The WIA Board has spent a lot of time considering this issue, and has now adopted the Advisory Committee Regulations.

The Board has applied the following principles in the Regulations it has adopted:

 A single structure should be adopted for all Advisory Committees;
 Each Committee should be small, 3 elected members and one Nominated Member;
 Apart from establishing a separate Advisory Committee for the Northern Territory, the existing states and the ACT should be the regions initially for Advisory Committees;
 The election procedure should broadly follow the postal election procedure for directors; and
 The regulations should identify the role of promoting the WIA as an important aspect of the work of Advisory Committees in addition to their role of providing local advice.

A copy of the regulations has been placed here on the WIA website.

In 2008 the Board will review the Regulations it has adopted to see whether, with experience, any particular difficulties have been identified that should be rectified.

The Board will now consider the appointment of Nominated Members and follow the process set out in the Regulations.


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