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The Commonwealth Contest 2007 - the Australian team needs you!

Date : 12 / 01 / 2007
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3KRB

This year, the Radio Society of Great Britain�s Commonwealth Contest 2007, which takes place on 10/11 March, has a new team section. The format of this team contest will follow loosely that of the 2007 Cricket World Cup, which is being held around the same time, with teams from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Indian sub-continent.

Full rules for the Commonwealth Contest 2007 can be found by clicking this Link

The 14-person Australian squad to take part in the 2007 team section consists of VK4BUI, VK2NU, VK4EMM, VK8AV, VK2BJ, VK6HD, VK4XA, VK6LW, VK2BAA, VK4XY, VK2IA, VK6HG, VK6BN and VK6VZ

In order to make the best possible score, it is important for each member of the Australian squad to work as many "bonus stations" as possible. Each Australian state counts as a separate call area for the contest on each band, and the first three contacts we make with each Australian state other than our own on each band each earns us a vital twenty bonus points.

On this basis, if as many Australian amateurs as possible can get on in the Commonwealth Contest and help the team out by working them on as many of the HF bands as possible, that would help us to beat the Poms, Kiwis and Canucks, etc.

Please help us to win the Commonwealth Team Contest. You might also have a lot of fun too!

Steve Ireland VK6VZ


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