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Details for ARISS contact at the 21st Australian Scout Jamboree

Date : 05 / 01 / 2007
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC (Amateur Radio Victoria)

A special contact between the International Space Station Expedition 14 and the 21st Australian Jamboree in Elmore, north-central Victoria, is scheduled for about 1015 UTC on Sunday, 7 January.

The contact should be audible to anyone in eastern Australia who can listen to the 145.80MHz downlink.

It will also be heard through the IRLP 9010 or connect direct to the IRLP Discovery website via the following Link

Also via EchoLink AMSAT (node 101 377) and the JK1ZRW (node 277 208) conference rooms.

Connect to the JK1ZRW server to keep the load light on the AMSAT server and maximise audio quality for listeners.

Some 20 scouts chosen through a competition will ask questions of Astronaut Suni Williams KD5PLB, such as seeking details of the daily routine on the space station, if an alien has been sighted, is sunrise and sunset seen from space and can TV programs be received.

Other questions refer to the possibility of life elsewhere in the solar system, whether any astronaut has been a scout, the risk of space travel and if smoke from the Australian bushfires can be seen.

The ARISS contact is to be a highlight of the VI3JAM activity at the Australian Jamboree 2-13 January.


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