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2007 WIA Grants scheme launched

Date : 17 / 05 / 2007
Author : Ken Fuller - VK4KF

Monday 16th July is the closing date for applications for the WIA Club Grants Scheme for 2007. Full details of the rules for the scheme can be obtained from the WIA Web site, together with a template setting out the suggested application headings for an executive summary, identifying how the club seeks to meet the objectives of the scheme and guidance regarding supporting documentation.

WIA President Michael Owen said that the Board was pleased with the results of the 2006 scheme and believed that there was overall support from members for a continuation of the grant scheme. In 2006, some 18 project proposals were received and 5 received financial support from the scheme. The Board had decided to maintain the rules unchanged from those that applied last year.

The WIA Board has again allocated $5,000 for distribution to qualifying Affiliated Clubs. The object of the scheme is to promote and advance amateur radio, the WIA and its Affiliated Clubs by supporting useful and/or innovative projects undertaken or to be undertaken by Affiliated Clubs. Affiliated Clubs with a membership including at least 50% WIA members qualify to participate, though the Board has discretion to allow a lesser percentage in special circumstances.

Michael said that the 2007 Grant Committee would be Don Wilchefski VK4BY, Deane Blackman VK3TX and Wally Howse VK6KZ. The Committee would recommend to the Board the projects that should be supported and the amount to be allocated to each supported project. "I urge affiliated clubs to participate in this opportunity" Michael said; "however, it is most important that clubs read the rules very carefully".

The template of a suggested Executive Summary cover sheet for applications is provided to assist applicants in preparing their submission. It is suggested the executive summary form the first page of each project application.

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