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Clubs Interested in becoming D-Star Clubs

Date : 11 / 12 / 2007
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Recently Icom Australia and the WIA, concurrently with the official opening of the Olinda D-Star repeater VK3RWN, announced the gift by Icom of 5 further D-Star repeaters to the WIA so that a D-Star repeater will be able to serve each of the other state capitals.

When announcing the gift, the WIA said that it will consult with people in each state capital including the appropriate Advisory Committee to identify a club or group of clubs, supported by people with the necessary RF and computer skills, able to provide a suitable site and supply the ancillary equipment.

Two Clubs have expressed interest in serving the Sydney area as WIA D-Star Club, and before making a decision, the WIA invites any other club also interested in becoming the WIA D-Star club to serve either Sydney or Brisbane to contact either the national office before 20 December, or the Secretary.

The WIA has identified certain criteria which it considers important for the selection process, and asks interested clubs to supply as much information as possible as specified below.
It is not expected that clubs will be able to fully submit all elements of the criteria, but criteria marked �*� are considered critical.

*(a) Technical ability of the club to establish and maintain the D-Star repeater system:
i. The relevant technical experience of persons nominated to establish and maintain the system, particularly: the Linux operating system (Fedora & CentOS), RF communications engineering including co-site sharing, and communications system administration.
ii. CV of those persons nominated to establish and maintain the system

*b Physical ability of the club to establish and maintain the D-Star repeater system:
The ability of the club to obtain all necessary ancillary equipment:
without financial assistance
within the desired time frame
of acceptable quality

c. Suitability of the proposed site
*i. Site security
*ii. Site tenure or significant length of occupation
iii. Accessibility for Icom staff
iv. Building quality and presentation
*v. Availability of high speed (symmetrical speed) broadband access, and reliability of broadband connection
*vi. Availability of back-up no-break power system
vii. Reliability of power supply

d. Club activity and support demonstrated for the WIA
i. Number of club members
ii. Number of club members that are also WIA members
iii. Regular meetings and other club activities
iii. Existing repeater facilities

e. Potential D-Star repeater coverage area
i. The coverage area of existing repeater facilities
ii. The potential to improve coverage area
iv. The potential for the repeater site to complement coverage of other possible future D-Star repeaters

f. Potential for emergency services linkages and co-operation
i. Established linkages with emergency services organisations
ii. History of emergency services communications assistance
iii. Location in relation to emergency services and potential areas where emergency services assistance may be required.

*g. Compliance with regulation, including compliance with OH&S procedures for antenna work and compliance with local council development control plans and any other regulatory and statutory requirements

Any club wishing a copy of the WIA/Icom agreement should contact the WIA Secretary.


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