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Lightning Ridge Amateur Radio Club


po box 166
Lightning Ridge NSW 2834


The club was formed in late 2014 after a chanch meeting with Bob VK4MR in the Bowles November of that year we got 3 people through the foundation course.A lot of work making the club house.2 45 ft towers purchased and installed during during 2015.30 m long wire diopole for HF,repeater antennas for 2 m and uhf CB and 2m70cm of Friday 22 July our 2 m repeater was fired up and is now running .146.725 minus 600 split.Many thanks to all the guys at Gympie radio club for making the repeater for us and all the help in setting up this club.
Find us on the 7.130 Dx net Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays 7.30 pm or myself VK2STO peter and VK2HMV Kevin.
we recently had 4 new liecenes,2 guys passed the Foundation and 2 guys upgraded to standard.well done Kevin.Ken.Mark and Arthur.
our repeater was giving problems and is away being fixed and may in the future be relocated,a new repeater is now installed and working well and we have plans for future linking with other repeaters greatly increasing our range,wich at present is approx. 49klms,negociations are under way with another club who have offered to help achieve this.
I feel this is a mile stone period for the club with boosted members and a very active interest localy,this has been our aim in the last almost four years since inception.
Kevin VK2HMV and myself Peter VK2STO have been actively fund raising for the Mensshed these last few years and the commitee gave us the funds to purchase an Icom ic 7300.
Also a silent key VK2DRC Keith Conolly from Heble's son donated his fathers radio gear to our club.We thanks him very much.
We also got an ex police station power supply donated by the Dubbo radio club with 2 more for spare parts,its now working our repeater with battery back up.Once again many thanks.Don't you just love this hobby.


We now meet once a month 1st
Saturday from 11am in the Lightning Ridge Mes'shed radio shack.We also have plans for a radio net in the future probably starting on our 2 m repeater to get the new F calls used to radio procedures.we are having a working bee in the shack 12 Oct 2019 to install an evaporative cooler to pump,cool air in to make to shack available in the summer months. Cooler working thanks Ken the plumber for his valuble help .

Club Activities & Events

I will be at the Sunshine coast sunfest representing this club on Saturday 9 September with a table promoting Lightning ridge mens'shed and the club and selling a bit of gear ,please drop by and say hi.It all went off very well and great fun was had by all ,including my Daughter.I was unable to attend this year 2019 but if all goes well 3 or 4 of our members will attend Wyong next year.
It was adopted that we all Build a hf radio each from kit form,i had already bought mine and all are very interested in the project extra parts are being purchased to find the total price to each member.more on this as it far we we havent been able to get this project up n running but I now have all my components and just need to invent more hours in the day to achieve this .

Lightning Ridge Amateur Radio Club Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

At time of updating our page 4 October 2019 Peter Stonell VK2STO is now authorised to conduct examinations and practicals as a level 3 assessor For AMC Amateur radio.Last page update 12.2.2020

Upcoming Courses and Assessments

Early in 2020 I hope to get together people who want to study for the F call licence.if far we have 2 new candidates. please call me direct on 0438015647

Club Contact Details

Lightning Ridge Amateur Radio Club
po box 166
Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

Phone : 0438015647
Email :


Peter Stonell VK2STO
Phone : 0438015647
Email :


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