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Urunga Convention

Ken Golden 46 Aubrey Cres.
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450


"Urunga Radio Convention" was formed by a small group of amateurs including Crieff Retalick VK2XO, Peter Alexander VK2PA, in 1949 at the "DO ME" boat shed on the Kalang river at Urunga, it has run continusly, aided by Brian Slarke VK2ZCQ (Silent Key) and a small band of helpers since, the longest running "Foxhunting" (ARDF.*) Field day in Australia. The a club dedicated to the enjoyment, promotion, and support of Amateur Radio Direction Finding ARDF*), sometimes called Radio Orienteering or Radio Sport(*Amateur Radio Direction Finding) World wide


As needed for the running of the Convention.

Club Activities & Events

The "Urunga Radio Convention" sadly has been "Cancelled for Easter "

the "Covid-19" Concern for our visitors has made this necessary.

It will be on again when the "Covid 19" has been resolved and the restrictions are lifted, we have been in contact with the Hall committee, and the safety restrictions, to safe Guard our visitors,make this unavoidable.
Hoping this will soon be over., we miss our Foxhunting friends.

Ken Golden VK2DGT Pres URC
phn 66523177 Email:

The Convention is one of the most challenging fox hunting events in Australia and attracts fierce competition from all over. If you are a new foxhunter or a devotee with years of experience, this weekend is made for you.
The weekend begins at 9.00 am Saturday.
The Convention Dinner is 6.00 pm Saturday night.
The Night Fox Hunt registration is at 7.30 pm Saturday night.
First event Sunday is the Urunga Scrambles at 8.00 am.
The presentation takes place at 3.00 pm on Sunday.
The Convention has a limited supply of sniffers to lend to first time fox hunters.
Other activities include our superb technical quiz and general quiz, guessing competitions, raffles and lucky door prizes. Trading tables are also available.
Urunga is one of the remaining original villages left on the north coast of NSW and is the ideal relaxed holiday weekend for families and fox hunters without the holiday crowds. It is situated where 2 rivers meet the sea and offers plenty of outdoor activities.
The Convention hall is accessible and has a relaxing lounge room and accessible amenities.
Contacts are Ken VK2DGT, Terry VK2TEZ, Merv VK2DMS

Submitted by
Gloria Savins,
Urunga Radio Convention

see web page:

Urunga Convention Meeting Location

Club Contact Details

Urunga Convention
Ken Golden 46 Aubrey Cres.
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Phone : 02 66523177
Email :


Ken Golden VK2DGT
Phone : 0266523177
Email :

Gloria Savins
Phone : 02 66532463
Email :

Gloria Savins
Phone : 02 66532463
Email :


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