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Caboolture Special School Amateur Radio Club


PO BOX 108


The Caboolture Special School Amateur Radio Club Station was assisted with its establishment (2006) by members of the Redcliffe & District Radio Club, Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club and the Caboolture Amateur Radio Club. The Club membership is open to students and their families, school staff and volunteers. This membership base is over 250 students and their families and 200 staff.


The Caboolture Special School Amateur Radio Club Station VK4HBU meets each Tuesday as part of the School's Vocational Technical Education (VTE) Emergency Service Program. Students and their families, staff and volunteers participate in special events and develop their communication and technical skills. These skills support a strong membership base of the Queensland Rural Fire Service volunteers, who also includes students, parents, carers, staff and volunteers of Caboolture Special School.

Club Activities & Events

Why an Amateur Radio Club Station? in your school?

An Amateur Radio Club Station is a vital vocational learning infrastructure that should be accessible by students at all schools throughout the world. Amateur Radio has been a global learning and experimental platform for over 100 years, yet remains relevant in every sense in the 21st Century. It is part of our World's leading edge, over the horizon space and spatial communications and information technologies that we use every day. The platform of global learning and experimentation is one of the key features that underlies our rapid advances in science research and technology application that has embodied humans as a highly connected species that has developed by the technologies of wireless communication "radio".

To imagine, dream, think and realise that hundreds of school students from around the world have directly spoken to Astronauts by wireless communication "radio" on board the Earth orbiting International Space Station (ISS) on the Stations own Amateur Radio Station - NA1SS is the reality of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The largest engineering project in the history of the planet can be linked directly to individual students and their learning from all disciplines and interests.

At Caboolture Special School we took the challenge and established our very own Amateur Radio Club Station VK4HBU. Our Club is an affiliate of the Wireless Institute of Australia and is strongly supported by the many members of the Redcliffe and District Radio Club, the Caboolture Amateur Radio Club and the Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club. The students at our school have had access to not only school owned equipment but the opportunity to use this equipment to learn and develop safety skills, technical skills and vocational skills including skills in literacy, numeracy and communication. Team and social skills learning brings the group together and creates well being and a strong sense of community for our students and our staff.

If your school setting, builds and accesses the infrastructure of an Amateur Radio Club Station then you are providing the single best global learning and experimental platform that is affordable and sustainable under the most extreme and varied conditions. Amateur Radio utilises the internets capacity as it own, but is not tied to its cost, speed or reliability. The Amateur Radio Station can stand alone and be vital in times of natural or human evoked disasters.

The individual and community capacity combined in a Amateur Radio Station and provides an engaging, enthralling, interesting, mystifying and challenging vocational and technical learning opportunity that every educational institution should own and cherish, for the benefit of their students. So take to the task and build your school's Amateur Radio Club Station. We did, and it's Great!!

Caboolture Special School VTE (Vocational Technical Education) Room - in 2016 watch for the new Caboolture Community Specialist Trade Skills Centre - Address Torrens Road Caboolture Queensland 4510.

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Alan Jenner VK4KZ
Phone : 07 5431 4444
Email :

Club Contact Details

Caboolture Special School Amateur Radio Club
PO BOX 108

Phone : 07 5431 4444
Email :


Phone : 07 5431 4444

Peter Allen VK4HOY
Phone : 07 5431 4444
Email :


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