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Ipswich & District


P.O Box 3193
West Ipswich Qld 4305


The Ipswich & District Radio Club Inc. was established on 28th August 1962. It serves the needs of the Ipswich and West Moreton area, and has approximately 65+ members.


6m :- VK4RBX 53.925MHz (-1MHz) No CTCSS

70cm :- VK4RAI 439.3250MHz (-5MHZ) 91.5HZ CTCSS Central Highland Linked Repeater System

Ipswich Linked Repeaters
2m :- VK4RAI 146.900MHz (-600KHz) 91.5Hz CTCSS
70cm :- VK4RWM 438.375MHz (-5MHz) 91.5Hz CTCSS
70cm :- VK4RSM 439.300MHz (-5MHz) 91.5Hz CTCSS
70cm :- VK4RBO 438.475MHz (-7MHz) 91.5Hz CTCSS
70cm :- VK4RPR 439.850MHz (-5MHz) 91.5Hz CTCSS
70cm :- VK4RTW 439.775Mhz (-7MHz) 91.5Hz CTCSS

Ipswich Linked WICEN Repeaters
2m :- VK4RWM 147.175MHz (+600KHz) No CTCSS
70cm :- VK4RWM 439.925MHz (-5MHz) 91.5Hz CTCSS

2m :- VK4RBX-C 146.7875MHz (-600KHz) D-Star, DMR, P25, C4FM
2m :- VK4RAI 145.0750MHz Packet
2m :- VK4RAI-3 145.1750MHz APRS
2m :- VK4RBX 146.6375MHz (-600KHz) APCO 25
70cm :- VK4RAI 438.425MHz (-5MHz) IRLP 6782 Echolink 158872


Club House, 10 Deebing St, Ipswich, QLD, 4305

Digital Interest Group Meetings are held on the 1st Monday night of each month from 7.30pm.

Social Meetings are held every 2nd Monday night of each month from 7:30PM.

Business Meetings every 4th Monday night each month at 7:30PM.

Club Activities & Events

Education ; Exams ; Awards ; Construction
2m Net on 146.900MHz at 8.00am Mornings
2m Net on 146.900MHz at 7.30pm Tuesday nights and Friday nights.
Digital, Social and Business Meetings
WICEN Events

Ipswich & District Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

Assessments are carried out for Foundation, Standard and Advanced licenses, practical, theory and regulations.
For any Foundation License questions, please call our Club Training Officer or Secretary for more details.

Upcoming Courses and Assessments

Please contact Greg VK4GJW for details of the next available course dates and times.

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Greg Walker VK4GJW
Phone : 0428 999 640
Email :

Club Contact Details

Ipswich & District
P.O Box 3193
West Ipswich Qld 4305
Phone : 0408 822 344
Email :


Peter Mackaway VK4SIR
Phone : 0408 822 344
Email :

Greg Walker VK4GJW
Phone : 0428 999 640
Email :

Ian Parkin VK4LIP
Phone : 0405 327 015
Email :


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