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Rockhampton & District Amateur Radio Club


P O Box 496
Rockhampton Queensland 4700


The 2m repeater VK4RAR 146.700Mhz (Access Tone 91.5 Hz tone on all repeaters!) also has Echo Link & IRLP Node 6973.APRS 145.175 MHz
The UHF 70 cm Repeater VK4RAR 438.225Mhz (Access tone 91.5 Hz), linked to Cent H'lands repeater linking system. . A NEW DSTAR REPEATER ON MT ARCHER ROCKHAMPTON on 438.350 down 431.350 up. FM Linking to be extended from Byfield VK4RBF to Wowan VK4RWN via Rockhampton VK4RAR 2M 146.700 on Mt Archer ht 604m


RADAR Club AGMs are held at the March meeting each year. Committee for 2021.
President Chris Comollattie VK4TR
Vice President Nick Comollattie VK4VKR
Treasurer Garry Perfect VK4YJ
Secretary Clive Sait VK4ACC 0429632815
The RADAR Club Meets on the 3rd MONDAY of every month at SES Building Cnr Charles and Randwick St. North Rockhampton at 7:30pm. Also check for a prac night on 4th Mondays.

The Radar club has two on air nets a week where you will hear the club call of VK4WIR being used.

Sunday Morning starting at 2300UTC (9.00 am local)the National news followed by Q news is broadcast via the 2M repeater.(VK4RAR 146.700Mhz)(91.5 tone)from the QTH of Mike VK4LMB. This followed by a callback and a chance to say gidday.

Tuesday evening commencing at 0930UTC (7.30pm local)an 80M net VK4WIR is conduced on 3.613Mhz by net controller VK4LH Brian.

So please call in and say hello.

Club Activities & Events

The RADAR Club has a long association with two of the local Rally Car organizations.
The club has provided much appreciated communications for Championship rally events.

The International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend at Capricornia is a regular event patronised by the RADAR Club members each year.

The May day weekend at Clairview is not to be missed. (Held May Day weekend each year)For as long as many can remember (over 20 years!) it has been a much celebrated get together between the RADAR and the Mackay Amateur Radio clubs. As the news of this event has travelled it has become a must do event for all local clubs and amateurs interested in having an enjoyable weekend.


This is not an event to be missed! Past events have celebrated great success with the gathering of both local and visiting amateurs and children. It provides a friendly relaxed atmosphere were amateurs and families can enjoy an evening of fine dining,good humour, games and good company.
This year it will be held on the 27rd of November at the Frenchville Sports Club 6.30 pm..
Please be sure to contact our secretary so we can organise catering. 0429632815

Rockhampton & District Amateur Radio Club Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

Amateur Radio Exams are available by contacting
The secretary of the RADAR Club who can assist with assessment arrangements.
Manuals are held in stock for tuition and study.
Contact Clive to arrange to pick up a manual and for tuition or assessments.0429632815.

Upcoming Courses and Assessments

Clive Sait VK4ACC is available to assist in helping organise training/education for new licences and also for licence upgrades.
See Clive's contact details on this page or ring
or look up the RADAR CLUB WEB SITE for more info.

Training And Assessment Contact

Club training course coordinator

Clive Sait VK4ACC (NA-027)
Phone : 0429632815
Email :

Club Contact Details

Rockhampton & District Amateur Radio Club
P O Box 496
Rockhampton Queensland 4700
Phone : 0429 632 815
Email :


Chris Comollattie VK4TR
Phone : 0428636383
Email :

Clive Sait VK4ACC
Phone : mob 0429632815 Ph 0749271216
Email :

Garry Perfect VK4YJ
Phone : 0749331408
Email :


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