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Townsville Amateur Radio Club


PO Box 333
Garbutt East QLD 4814


Established 1946, one of Queensland's more active
regional clubs. theTARCinc provides repeaters,
beacons, IRLP, APRS, AllStarLink, Echolink, DMR, ARDF and technical support for
regional hams and is active providing logistic
communications support for community organisations in North Queensland. The club also has an active WICEN contingent and is an integral part of the regional DISPLAN. The club has an active Ladies Group and is also active socially with many outings and events held to include the entire family.
Repeaters - Voice
VK4RAT 146.7MHz -600kHz Split no tone access:
interfaced with VK4PQ Echolink & AllStarLink Nodes,
VK4RAT 438.225MHz -5MHz Split 91.5Hz Tone Access:
interfaced with VK4TUB Echolink & AllStarLink Nodes,
Repeaters - Digital
VK4RAT 145.175MHz APRS and AX25:
interfaced with VK4ZZ uiVIEW APRS Gateway &
interfaced with VK4TUB FBBS
VK4RTL 28.270MHz 50.282MHz 144.445MHz
VK4RTL 432.445MHz 1296.444MHz


Management Meeting - 1st Tuesday of the month
Project Night - 2nd Tuesday of the month
Social Evening - 3rd Tuesday of the month
all at the Club Rooms atop SES HQ
25-27 Green Street West End starting 7-30pm

find out the latest happenings at -

Club Activities & Events

- North Queensland Net
3605.4kHz from 0930UTC Sunday
- Ann Renton Memorial Ladies Net
438.225MHz from 1930 local 4th Tuesday of the Month
Accessible via VK4TUB AllStarLink Node 46740 and
VK4TUB Echolink Node 837230
- Tech On The Air Net
146.700MHz from 1930 local 5th Tuesday of the Month
Accessible via VK4PQ AllStarLink Node 49806 and VK4PQ Echolink Node 956580
- WIA News Net
146.7MHz from 0900 local every Sunday
Accessible via VK4PQ AllStarLink Node 49806 and VK4PQ Echolink Node 956580
- Cardwell Gathering
every October Long Weekend
- Australia Day Long Week Family Radio Camp
- John Moyle Memorial Field Day field activity
every third weekend of March
- Tony4's Famous Foxhunt - every year during July

Townsville Amateur Radio Club Meeting Location

Training Courses And Assessment Information

The Club refers those with training requirements to Ron/VK2DQ radioelectronicschool and also supports those in training with face to face training sessions. The Club has a AMCA Amateur Radio qualified Standard Assessor available for Australian Amateur Radio Assessments on request.

Club Contact Details

Townsville Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 333
Garbutt East QLD 4814
Phone : 0427182469
Email :


Snow Herodes VK4ME
Phone : 0439159403
Email :

Gavin Reibelt VK4ZZ
Phone : 0427182469
Email :

Peter Harrex VK4PQ
Email :


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