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2006 News Releases




ACMA Policy - Practical assessment

Date : 25 / 02 / 2006
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

The WIA has addressed the concern raised by a number of members in relation to the ACMA policy about when it was necessary to undertake a practical assessment.

WIA President Michael Owen, VK3KI, has written to ACMA setting out this concern, and in particular, suggesting that the policy was considered unclear in circumstances where persons holding qualifications obtained under the previous licensing and certification arrangements were only now applying for a licence.

Alan Jordan, of the Pricing and Policy Branch of the Australian Communications and Media Authority, has advised the WIA that amateur qualifications obtained before the new licensing arrangements came into force in October 2005 continue to be fully recognised.

Persons holding an AOCP or AOLCP will be granted an Advanced Licence without having to undergo a practical assessment. Similarly, persons holding an NAOCP or NLAOCP will be granted a Standard Licence without having to undergo a practical assessment.

More information can found on the ACMA website.


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