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2006 News Releases



Chris Jones VK2ZDD - Funeral Arrangments

28/ 08/ 2006   Chris's funeral service will be held this Thursday 31st of August 9:30am at St. Theresas Church, Chamberlain St. Padstow.
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Chris Jones, VK2ZDD - Silent Key

25/ 08/ 2006   It is with very great sadness that I have to tell you that Chris Jones, VK2ZDD, passed away early today, Friday 25 August 2006.
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Indiana, Australian Youngsters Step Up to the Microphone to Space

23/ 08/ 2006   NEWINGTON, CT, Aug 18, 2006--Pupils at Robinson Elementary School in Anderson, Indiana, and at Teven-Tintenbar Public School in New South Wales, Australia, learned more about life in space when they spoke via ham radio earlier this month with ISS crew member Jeff Williams, KD5TVQ.
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Van Allen Belt discoverer dies

20/ 08/ 2006   James Van Allen, the US physicist who discovered the radiation belts surrounding the Earth, has died. He was 91.
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Free Callbooks with WIA Membership

20/ 08/ 2006   Last month 77 folk showed their support for the WIA by joining as members.
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Undelivered Mail

19/ 08/ 2006   The WIA Awards Office apologise to those that have not received sent Certificates or correspondence.
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13th IARU Region 3 Conference in India

18/ 08/ 2006   The International Amateur Radio Union Region 3 held the 13th Regional Conference from 7 to 11 August 2006 in Bangalore, India.
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WIA Announces Club Grants for 2006

17/ 08/ 2006   The President of the WIA, Michael Owen announced today the grants to be made to WIA Affiliated Clubs under the Club Grants Scheme for 2006.
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Amateur Numbers continue to grow

10/ 08/ 2006   The number of new amateurs has grown by 476 people or 3.44% in 11 months, a number of people hold 2 or more licenses.
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West African Regulators learn about Amateur Radio Senegal, Africa, July 27, 2006

01/ 08/ 2006   The International Amateur Radio Union has announced the presentation of another ARAC course (Amateur Radio Administration Course).
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Amateur numbers grow and so does the membership of the clubs and the WIA

01/ 08/ 2006   July was a big month for producing new Radio Amateurs.
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