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2006 News Releases



A foundation licence training weekend and assessment in Newcastle

29/ 05/ 2006   The Hunter Radio Group will be conducting their first Foundation Licence assessments in Newcastle commencing at 9.00 am on the 24th and 25th June 2006.
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Introducing F-Troop - an on-air get together in Victoria

29/ 05/ 2006   For some time there have been various suggestions that a weekly net on 2-metres be arranged as a meeting place for Foundation licensees.
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FCC enforcement counsel tells the Amateur Radio Community to Lighten up!

28/ 05/ 2006   Type a short description hereFCC Special Counsel for Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth advised those attending the FCC forum at the Dayton Ham Convention to try kindness instead of confrontation when problems arise on the bands.
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Board appoints Grant Committee for WIA Club Grant Scheme

23/ 05/ 2006   Immediately before the WIA's Annual General Meeting on 6 May 2006, the WIA Board adopted Rules to govern the WIA Club Grants Scheme.
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Standard and Foundation Licensees and the 80 Meter DX window

21/ 05/ 2006    number of incidents have been observed were Standard and Foundation Licensees are operating within the 80m DX Window of 3776 - 3800kHz.
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Multiband DXCC awards

18/ 05/ 2006   The WIA would like to congratulate the three people listed below on achieving their multiband DX awards.
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ACMA refuses WIA request to allow power limits as proposed in "Outcomes"

17/ 05/ 2006   In the ACA's Outcomes of the Review of Amateur Service Regulation, published in May 2004, the proposed permitted power was specified as 10 W PEP all permitted modes for Foundation licensees
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Solar Cycle 25 could be one of the weakest in centuries, according to NASA scientists.

13/ 05/ 2006   The reason for this is a slowing of the Sun's Great Conveyor Belt, a massive circulating current of hot plasma inside the Sun.
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The 2006 CQ World-Wide VHF Contest

12/ 05/ 2006   Starts: 1800 UTC Saturday, July 15, 2006, Ends: 2100 UTC Sunday, July 16, 2006
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WIA AGM and Open Forum

11/ 05/ 2006   The second Annual General Meeting of the national WIA took place on Saturday the 6th of May, at the Bankstown RSL Club, Sydney.
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WIA AGM makes Bill Roper VK3BR Honorary Life Member

09/ 05/ 2006   The WIA Constitution says that in consideration of special services to the Institute or amateur radio the Board may nominate a member as an Honorary Life Member to a General Meeting for its approval.
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Ron Wilkinson Award 2006

09/ 05/ 2006   The Ron Wilkinson Award is one of the oldest and most important of the awards made by the WIA and was made possible through the generosity of Mrs Mary Wilkinson, widow of the late Ron Wilkinson VK3AKC.
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WIA Postal Ballot for Directors

09/ 05/ 2006   In accordance with the Regulations adopted by the WIA Board, WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI formally announced the result of the postal ballot for the election of 3 directors for a 2-year term at the WIA Annual General Meeting held in Sydney on 6 May 2006.
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WIA Board increases amount for distribution to Clubs in Grant Scheme

09/ 05/ 2006   At the WIA Annual General Meeting held in Sydney on 6 May 2006 WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI announced that the Board had finalised the Rules of the Club Grant Scheme and had allocated $1,500 for distribution among qualifying clubs to support projects meeting the objectives of the Scheme.
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The use of the AX prefix for World Telecommunications Day, May 17

08/ 05/ 2006   The International Telecommunications Union, or ITU is an international organization established to standardise radio and telecommunications.
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WIA announces details of Club Grants Scheme

07/ 05/ 2006   Immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting held in Bankstown on 6 May 2006 , the Board of the WIA adopted Rules for the Club Grant Scheme, originally adopted by the Board last year for the current year.
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