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WIA announces details of Club Grants Scheme

Date : 07 / 05 / 2006
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting held in Bankstown on 6 May 2006 , the Board of the WIA adopted Rules for the Club Grant Scheme, originally adopted by the Board last year for the current year.

WIA President, Michael Owen VK3KI said that the Board had finalised the basic rules so that they could be announced at the WIA AGM and Open Forum. The full Rules are placed on the WIA website, so that all clubs can fully understand them.

The Board had decided the main time line, but was still to appoint the three members of the Grant Committee. It will finalise these appointments shortly and will announce the appointments as soon as possible.

The WIA Board has allocated $5,000 for distribution to qualifying Affiliated Clubs, not the $1,500 as announced at the annual general meeting, but increased by the board at it's meeting the following day. The object of the scheme is to promote and advance amateur radio, the WIA and it�s Affiliated Clubs by supporting useful and/or innovative projects undertaken or to be undertaken by Affiliated Clubs.Affiliated Clubs with a membership including at least 50% WIA members qualify to participate, though in the first year the Board has a discretion to allow a lesser percentage in special circumstance.

Clubs will need to their lodge their application for a grant by Monday 10 July. Full details an be found in the Rules, but Clubs should note that their application should include details of the Affiliated Club, including the name and contact details (including a phone number and email address) of a contact person to represent the Club in relation to the Application, the names and callsigns (if any) of each person responsible for the management of the project proposed and the Membership Percentage claimed by the Club, details of the project proposed, the purposes to be achieved by the proposal, an explanation setting out how the proposal advances the purposes of the Scheme, a detailed costing of the proposal including the amount to be or already contributed by others, the amount of Grant requested, and such other information and material as the Affiliated Club considers will better explain and support its proposal.

The Grant Committee will recommend to the Board the projects that should be supported and the amount to allocated to each supported project. Affiliated Clubs are urged to read the Rules very carefully. The Board will amend the Rules as necessary to clarify any ambiguities that are identified.

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