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2006 News Releases



The WIA annual reports

30/ 04/ 2006   The President and officers of the WIA produce annual reports on the state of the nation and these reports will be presented at AGM. A copy of these reports can be viewed here
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The Wireless Institute Of Australia Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner

30/ 04/ 2006   On 6 May 2006 the Wireless Institute of Australia will be conducting its second Annual General Meeting since the adoption of its new Constitution when it became a single national body.
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US House Committee Okays Telecoms Bill with BPL-Interference Study Amendment

30/ 04/ 2006   The US House Energy and Commerce Committee's version of the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act of 2006 includes an amendment requiring the FCC to study the interference potential of BPL systems.
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Foundation Licence 500

26/ 04/ 2006   The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is about to issue its 500th Foundation Licence.
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New BPL Interference Measurement Reports from Tasmania

20/ 04/ 2006   The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania (REAST) have now completed a new series of interference emission level measurements of the BPL commercial trials in Tasmania.
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The WIA responds on two ACMA proposals involving the amateur service

19/ 04/ 2006   Changes proposed by ACMA could see the amateur service lose one of our most important amateur satellite bands.
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Austria's Powerline causes numerous radio disturbances

11/ 04/ 2006   The Powerline network (PLC) operated by Linz AG is causing a number of malfunctions in radio services and receivers according to a list of fault reports [PDF] published by Austria's Ministry of Technology (BMVIT).
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05/ 04/ 2006   Following a request by the WIA, ACMA have agreed to allow use of the AX prefix by all Australian Radio Amateur stations on ANZAC Day, April 25th.
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Move to preserve 500 kHz as a memorial frequency

05/ 04/ 2006   There is a growing move amongst maritime groups world wide to preserve 500 kHz as a memorial frequency.
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WIA Releases New Assessment Packs and New Assessment Instructions

05/ 04/ 2006   The WIA has released Assessment Packs for the Practical Assessment taken alone and not part of a Foundation Assessment
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Low-frequency experimenters seek reports, crossband skeds

01/ 04/ 2006   The next round of LF transpacific testing between ZM2E, Quartz Hill, New Zealand, and VA7LF, S Pender Island, British Columbia, will take place April 3, 4 and 5.
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