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2006 News Releases




Budde Bags Radio Amateurs on ABC Regional Radio

Date : 25 / 02 / 2006
Author : Phil Wait - VK2DKN

On the morning of 22 February 2006, ABC Goulburn Murray radio (rural Victoria) ran several segments on how broadband over powerlines (BPL) will bring the Internet to every home.

Aurora Energy extolled BPL's features and benefits, followed by industry analyst Paul Budde, who proceeded to bag radio amateurs and the Wireless Institute of Australia for their opposition BPL, and also a perceived non-cooperative stance towards the BPL industry.

Budde was clearly antagonised and frustrated by radio amateurs continued opposition to BPL and incredulously claimed RF interference from BPL just doesn't exist anymore, and that BPL is not banned . . . anywhere in the world. (no doubt assuming that Japan, Norway, and the UK are not part of the world as we know it!)

WIA Director Phil Wait (VK2DKN) was interviewed on the same program on the 24th February. Phil explained that radio amateurs were not opposed to any delivery system which will increase competition and improve access for broadband services, BPL included, but said that radio amateurs are very concerned about any technology which will cause high levels of interference to radio communications services.

Phil went on to explain that radio amateurs aren't the only objectors to BPL. Many Australian organisations that use HF radio are concerned about interference from BPL and have raised objections with the ACMA, including aeronautical services, emergency services, marine radio services, CB radio, broadcasting and many others. It is well documented that wherever BPL is installed worldwide it still causes very high levels of radiated emission, at a level where HF radiocommunications services within the BPL enabled area will not be able to operate.

Members are asked to report any further such items carried on Australian media to the WIA.


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